You made no mistake. He is wrong, and at best mentally or emotionally disturbed.

The issue of male rape is separate from what you wrote about. You included your male friend who’d been jumped and beaten.

There was no obligation to cover prison or other rape. Men are really bad and selfish a lot of the time (and I don’t just mean the rapists). People like this fool are trolling everywhere on the internet, especially places like Medium.

I will call people like old Tom here “pussy men” because I can and because it’s like .025% of the brutality that the male population has aimed at me over the years. Because I get that their sexual interest is no compliment, nor is their constant, toddler-like talking over me or bludgeoning me into agreement with their worldviews.

That aside, no, you are under no obligation to include this fool’s nonsense in your realistic, personal and insightful article. Women do not “rape” men as often as men rape women.

It is so damn bad that here’s a fact: There are one or more sexual predators on every American college campus. The vast majority of these are male, and they target females. Yet everybody knows all about Jerry Sandusky because he took down Penn State’s football program because he liked to rape little boys. NO ONE KNOWS ABOUT THE THOUSANDS OF OTHERS and they are doing it right now as I type.

That is gender bias. Tell Tom to f-off.

According to Harlan Ellison and my grandmother, “You’ll go far Amy, because you have heart.” Author of 40 books, former exec., Nebula Award nominee, Poor.

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