You do understand why it’s locked up. I mentioned it because I live in a well-off area with a very low crime rate. In California, these things are only locked up in high-crime neighborhoods. Previously, I had seen homeless people near another store where we shop — it’s an ultra-safe, high income area. We have had “fake homeless” here for a long time. They ask for $ on street corners because there are so many wealthy here. These ones are real, and one guy looks like he had a home until very recently.

This is a sign of the real, true state of our economy just like the half-empty parking lot at my formerly busy, totally impacted school. Up until Jan./Feb. of this year I was a professional business planner and always had a good/free lifestyle with good income based on that. I speak Spanish and read several languages and am familiar with cross-border import-export and various aspects of business management. Much of my business was done via Canada where the small business climate is much friendlier. When I began my practice (2011) I met with all the CDFIs in the area, many small bank loan officers, and with the SBA offices. I received an unfriendly/cool reception from most. One guy, a longtime CFDI, was glad to talk and would and did recommend me to businesses working with his organization. The loan officer at my own branch said “We are telling people to use their own credit cards for business loans — we just aren’t doing them right now.” You can check these stats ANYWHERE. I learned that the majority of SBA loans made for several years previous, and continuing to this day, in our area (Southern California) were for restaurant expansions — mostly fast food and fast casual chains. Uncoincidentally, these sectors are the only ones in which significant numbers of new jobs have arisen.

So we learned last year that for the first time since the stat has been recorded, 70,000 more small businesses went out of business than started.

And I learned from running business and payroll projections for small to medium businesses in nearly every Canadian province that we could have “Health America” just like they have “Health Canada.” There is also private insurance and private care in Canada — it is the same companies as we have here. One of the first businesses I worked with all that time ago was a long term care business in New Brunswick. They were able to get started with a combination of local and bank financing. The monthly charge for residents? $1,800, with many extras available including non-skilled nursing for $2,300. At the time, my former fiance who had suffered a series of devastating strokes was in a long term care facility with horrible care in a 3 person room for $6,600 a month. And, at that time, CAD was the same as USD so the amounts were equivalent.

Everything Bernie Sanders said was and is true, everything Julian Assange is hinting or implicating is true. Is America 3 times greedier and more corrupt than Canada? Yes — and then some.

According to Harlan Ellison and my grandmother, “You’ll go far Amy, because you have heart.” Author of 40 books, former exec., Nebula Award nominee, Poor.

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