Wow. As someone on the receiving end of being called a “lesbo bull dyke,” racist, misogynist, moron, idiot, hater, etc (usually “lesbian” and “racist”) because I campaigned for Bernie Sanders, and after June 2016, left the Democratic Party and joined the Green Party -


What ‘progressive nonprofits’ would you be working for? All the legitimate ones went out of business before you started your vile campaign in 2014!

Would that be Southern Poverty Law Center with millions in overseas numbered bank accounts and ‘investments’? And NO lawsuits to help people of color falsely imprisoned or discriminated against in housing or employment or prevented from voting?

How about anti-sexual harassment or rape crisis centers, closed in the hundreds over the past ten years?

I am like my friend Harlan’s nightmare computer AM. There is no way to encompass the degree of loathing I feel for the lies, the endless dissimulation, the shame, the humiliation, of having to see this every single day of my nightmare life, to have these unceasing lies pushed in my face like a pie, every morning, to have every honest moment of work I ever had in my life made a mockery of, to have writing, teaching, learning, communication mocked by your sick doublespeak …

I’ll just put a few of the REAL social media “messages” we see every single day for standing up for #Medicare4All, #Fightfor15, #StopPoliceViolence, #EndtoPermawar, #NoDAPL, #NoDrones, #NoFracking, #EnvironmentalJustice and elections. I’m not going to say fair elections. Just elections. Because we campaigned for Bernie but there was no election.

This Pro-Clinton fanatic equated Bernie Sanders with Louis C.K., who has allegedly masturbated in front of dozens of females he barely knew.

Here’s another example of accuracy.

This is just from a few minutes on one day.

I’m sure the progressive nonprofits will appreciate all your “help.” Is it like, Vital Voices?

You know, the ones who fundraise using 10 YO Nujood Ali’s picture, but now she’s really 20, married to her 2nd abusive husband, and mother of 3 children, trying not to get bombed by US or Saudi drone bombs in Yemen. The one Clinton couldn’t even remember her name.

According to Harlan Ellison and my grandmother, “You’ll go far Amy, because you have heart.” Author of 40 books, former exec., Nebula Award nominee, Poor.

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