Why Would I Be Blocked by “Felicia C. Sullivan” on Medium?

Discussing the history of propaganda with a charming, cultured friend on the birdsite this a.m., I received a phone notice about a Medium story with this title: “I Lost My Best Friend of Two Decades to Trump” by Felicia C. Sullivan.

I was going to read it, because way back in 2015 corresponding with one of my best writing friends ever, I made the awful error of commenting, “I don’t think Trump is all that stupid — I watched several episodes of the first season of The Apprentice and he actually gave some pretty good — bzzt!”

— -auuughahhhhh augguuaahhhh Trump sucks auuughgaaaqhhh how could you say that auuuggghhahhhh — —

So we didn’t talk for four years.

Every time after that when I saw this friend on social media, he was saying something bad about Trump.

I still have a break in my friendship with my best writing friend ever. I will always love him and always want to work with him and be friends with him. I am fine with his Trump hatred but seriously — saying even one vaguely decent thing about Trump caused a four-year break in a real friendship with a real, and good person I care a lot about.

So, I thought, “oh, I’ll read this article … it sounds like maybe something similar happened to …”

And I’m like “What?”

I’ve only blocked two people on this service, and it was because that was the only way I could stop it from forcing their undesired stories on me at inopportune moments.

Why would I be blocked? I haven’t ever heard of this person (to my knowledge) and don’t know of any disagreement or issue I may have had. For those who don’t know me in person — I don’t burn bridges and don’t dispute with people over things none of us can do anything about. At this point, for any normal human, that pretty much includes Donald J. Trump pro-or-con and any supposed “political” “advocacy.” We can’t individually do anything right now, something that should be extremely obvious to one and all.

99% of incumbents are re-elected because they are in on the grift, people, not because “people vote for them”. Over 70% of people supported “Medicare for All” 30 years ago and various elected officials have attempted to champion it for over 50 years. What do any of you think happened when Bernie took our multiple millions of dollars and millions of volunteer hours and crumpled like a paper doll on “Super Tuesday” and is now tweeting out duplicates of DNC attacks on Trump? This is 2020, not 2015.

Is it about the Clintons, I wondered -

I know I wrote all these articles about the Clinton Foundation because I gave up over 15 years of my working life working for charitable organizations and at some point in 2015 (probably about the time I naively commented to my friend that Trump didn’t seem all that stupid to me), another friend said, “You know Clinton Foundation is a fraud.”

It’s not that I believed or disbelieved this friend, but they made me wonder (they were a local union steward and lifelong Democrat by the way — questioning Clinton Foundation). A few days later I started wondering and did visit the Clinton Foundation website and was like “WTF?”

Anybody who worked in the charitable industry before the 2008 crash would be “WTF?” looking at the Clinton Foundation website and their “materials.”

I don’t know who the pictures depict. I don’t care. Of course they’re fundraising off COVID

Now I know that the appalling nature of The Clinton Foundation, which takes credit for work they neither do nor pay for and which spends its money exclusively on PR, gala events, travel, and (Clintons), is anything but unique to them and, like Donald J. Trump, is a symptom not the disease itself.

But back in 2015? I had just made the fatal error of visiting The Clinton Foundation website where my eyes popped out at their fecal-brained grift, and I was like “What is wrong? How have so many good organizations closed and this one’s not only still in business, they are sucking all the air out of the room?”

(I’ll lay good money that there will be a comment on this article to the effect of “The Clinton Foundation is a 5-Star Charity awarded by Charity Watchdog! They are the World’s Best Organization!”)

Back to the chat between my charming friend and myself on the birdsite.

From her perspective, with a family background in the media and publishing industry, everything that’s put out to the public is propaganda meant to enrich someone at the cost of someone else. She gave the example of newspapers, Roosevelt, and Churchill manufacturing consent for the U.S. entry into World War II. The moneymaking result: aerospace. So, I grew up in Southern California. The twin titans of commercial aviation and defense contracting remade the actual landscape and life of Southern California. Today, Northrop Grumman is the only remaining Fortune 500 company HQ’d in Los Angeles County. One of my neighbors back in long-ago Playa Del Rey was their human resources VP. He was grilling a steak one day and I was cooking chicken and upon learning I was a sci fi writer, he enthusiastically admitted he loved Star Trek and said, “You know we’re working on a transporter — like ‘Beam Me Up Scotty’”.

I see this whole phenomenon as a renewed realization — my charming Twitter friend said that all media was essentially propaganda intended to make someone money and to extract said cash from someone else. I think those of us growing up in the second half of the 20th century had so much indoctrination in school — about our country’s history, about what it took to “make it” and get a good job, about how to live and get along — that it’s been much harder for us than for previous generations to “get” the truth.

Back in Nazi Germany, the average German did not have the perspective or information to understand how skewed the propaganda they heard every day was. They didn’t know they were only hearing about selected war victories, not overall losses — not until the bombs began to rain down on their heads. They believed that Jews and other “undesirables” were going on trains to new lives of wholesome hard work in “The East.” How do I know this? I talked to two war survivors myself, personally. Vati and Mutti, my first fiance’s parents. They also didn’t know that Hitler’s iron hand and desire to form Germany into an Aryan “supernation” had destroyed German art, German writing, German film, or had taken their brightest talents like Leni Riefenstahl, and turned them into Nazi-worshipping zombies.

I was maybe twelve years old when my grandmother said, “You don’t believe everything you read or see in the newspaper, do you?” I was so shocked at the time. I’d never heard such a thing. How could they print lies in the newspaper or put them on TV? Why?

My grandmother was hardly a political firebrand. She was a highly intelligent woman who loved fashion, and was … look, I can’t write about Nana and probably will never be able to. But she raised me and she was not, like my Grandma Mary, one of the founding members of the American Communist Party who named her twin sons, my father and uncle, “Eugene” and “Victor” after Eugene Victor Debs. I was probably 40 years old before I even knew who Eugene Victor Debs was. I was raised by my Republican (many generations) family in the conservative and traditional small town of Redlands, California.

So, I hope I may be forgiven for thinking — though I have no idea who this “Felicia C. Sullivan” is — that she must be paid by the most oppressive political entity out there, the one that employs countless paid “influencers” and anonymized “troll” accounts, one which apparently owns the shriveled soul and “talent” of our supposed entertainers lock, stock, and jammed, impotent barrel —

This binch is either paid by David Brock or this article was placed by David Brock. I sure as hell know I dodged a bullet not being able to access “I Lost My Best Friend of Two Decades to Donald Trump.”

I did not lose my friend and I’m sure that now, he’ll agree with me that there is little to no point in harming friendships or family relationships over these political fights over things that we can’t influence and that we do not even know one way or another are true.

Because I’ve sought to educate myself, after realizing there was a whole lot I never knew about in terms of history and the truth, I now know that:

The Clinton Foundation are painfully obvious grifters and nothing will ever happen to them.

All of the “stories” and films about “social problems” (i.e. “Cuties”) are porn for those who perpetuate them. This includes Medium’s apparent obsession with personal confession porn — it’s “True Confessions” for the digital age. My most-read piece here tells the truth of the worst moments of my life. My second-most read piece on Medium tells the story of my encounter with a killer cop. International aid charities do nothing but exploit and harm the countries in which they supposedly “work” and media makes book off telling shocking tales and screwing over the poor individuals so exploited.

The prison industry and the “homeless industry” have merged in one massive grift. Since neither are about “solving problems,” but about “making money,” there are hundreds of thousands of homeless on the streets and prisons filled and overfilled with bodies.

David Brock is a horrific, amoral propagandist who has played a major role in poisoning online discourse and spreading disinformation (for both “political” “parties”). “Russia Hacked the Election for Trump” is printed in Brock’s January 2017 fundraising packet handed out at his Turnberry Isle conference to big donors and associates. The document is freely available online and has been for years.

Opioids have been known to be dangerous and addictive for hundreds of years. The U.S. uses 80% of the world’s opioids. The opioid epidemic has cost over $1 trillion and at least half a million lives to overdose. The Sackler Family is only one of many Pharmas that uses these drugs to relieve pain but have benefited vastly from their feature: they build dependency quickly and are highly addictive. This type of company works hand in hand with the most corrupt of politicians (all are corrupt but some worse and more easily bought and productive than others — like the Clintons). As one tiny example of the Clintons’ vile grift — they heavily promoted Naloxone (Narcan) the overdose reversal drug, as a CURE or HELP for opioid addiction, rather than the truth: it just enables the addict to continue on in their shadow half-life, consuming and paying for more opioids. Free Naloxone injector kits were given to school districts and local governments to cope with the overdose crisis: but follow up doses were over $1,500 and go up from there. So, guaranteed profits for the company making the injectors. That’s the grift and business model, by the way. It is the same with the Clinton HIV/AIDS “initiatives” (you can read more from Australian journalist Michael Smith — he lost his job over this).

Toxic corporate food is the same way. It creates obesity, which fuels the diet, exercise, and “health care industry.” The Clintons grift off this too, vastly. They “combat” the childhood obesity epidemic by endless press releases and “Memorandums of Understanding” with Big Soda and Big Junk Food (copies of the MOUs are in the article — found during the 2016 Clinton E-Mail Timeline volunteer process by citizen volunteers. There have been dozens of well-researched books and documentary films about the toxic and addictive nature of corporate food, from Fast Food Nation to Food, Inc. I shouldn’t be banned off Medium or have my well-researched, reasoned, and non-extreme information downgraded in favor of my personal tragic life events: but Medium is True Confessions for the Corporate Grift Age.

Unlike some who claim that younger people don’t know what bread clips are (that guy has a BLUE CHECK and advertises himself as a “futurist”), I’m a solid enough business person and have enough experience in different industries to be a pretty good predictor of future trends and have some facility in understanding where business is going.

I do not see a bright future for Medium. I’ve attended some of their “meetings.” I was not inspired that I was among today’s Maxwell Perkins’ or Scott Bergs. The model of “create a vast amount of free content for me!!” has I think, seen its day and is crumbling.

So it was little difficulty for me to surmise that today, I was unable to read the bit of sterling prose about today’s most important cultural issue (Lost My Friend Because of Donald J Trump) because the “author” is affiliated with the Democrats in some way, or is paid by David Brock or more shadowy propaganda-pushers. I see promoted tweets from the biggest national publications with fewer shares and “likes” than I get on my permanently squelched social media on any official site.

All I’ve done is record my direct research and self-education over the past 20 years.

Good luck, “Felicia C. Sullivan” — I don’t have to read your bullsmack about Trump fans being racist while you aren’t — to know exactly what it says. I can choose from dozens of people writing about what a bad situation they had with their gender identity, relationships, upbringing, educational or job experience — any identitarianism you care to name. So they can talk about how much they were hurt by their family, their teachers, their co-workers, their neighbors, their bosses, hurt by the cops, blasted by Ivory Tower educators, on and on and on but it never ends, does it? I mean there’s always another person to call a racist, there is always another socially incorrect person to put in their place, always another person to discover and tokenize and get “on your side” and mo’ money mo’ money mo’ money. Right “Felicia” I mean you really are woke compared to your Trump supporter friend. Woke like my champagne-swilling buddy from 2016 … oh, was that bitter tears or champagne, my dear Hildo [read the comments — it’s SO satisfying, no I am not above that schadenfreude]?

Everyone else is moving on. It took me 20 years to educate myself — you’re supposedly so much smarter you can do it in 2, right?

“Felicia C. Sullivan” must absolutely be more worthy and talented and interesting than I am, totally worth millions of dollars more, and incredibly a better person and writer … turns out she is a Pushcart Prize winner (2x) and a graduate of the Columbia University MFA program!

Felicia, this was mean me. I don’t value those things (awards, money, being in HuffPo — OMG HuffPo! — ) I won’t stan for Biden or Trump though apparently, if one says even one vaguely positive thing about Trump it’s Gulag Time. It’s been Gulag Time for good writers since the 70s. I think the post-war to 70s time in publishing was a unique window where people could do their own work without having to glorify the triumvirate (Money/Power/Perversion). So whatever navel of yours you examine does not make you a f-ing writer. If you with a straight face wrote that you are better than your Trump-admiring friend — just f u binch. F your precious feelings, f your self-righteousness, f how you think you’re all that and a bag of chips. I’d rather scratch my words on a rock in the forest than be something like you. Of course this proves you were wholly right in blocking me without my knowing you from a hole in the wall. I could tell you were a massive hypocrite and toady (we leftists use a different word but I’ll reserve that for future use) without even reading a word of your timeless prose.

According to Harlan Ellison and my grandmother, “You’ll go far Amy, because you have heart.” Author of 40 books, former exec., Nebula Award nominee, Poor.

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