When somebody has seen 50K articles about people’s battles with anorexia and sexual preferences and they read this way? No I am not “cruel”. Anybody that thinks they “want to be a writer” has a path to follow. This woman may be publicized heavily but there is not only nothing new here, it is DISHONEST. If she really had anorexia because of her sexual preference than there are so many levels and issues here because it is very superficial and stereotyped. There’s nothing “shameful” about being gay and there’s nothing to be proud of to have sex with many partners one has no feelings for. In the sense this is a shallow, self-centered person with extremely limited insight and that’s the way this reads? Well yes I suppose that is “honest”. It’s honestly not worth reading. I phrased what I said to her as if she was somebody who wanted to be a writer or believed herself to be one.

Both of you self-centered and entitled individuals have had WAY more of my time than either of you deserves. By all means pursue your “kindness” — as if you have any idea that an article like this provides little insight to those who actually have suffered from anorexia or experienced real pain and discrimination due to their sexual preference.

I’m not cruel unlike yourself and this author — I am an actual writer for better or worse.

Note: I was talking with my husband this morning about true good advice my grandfather had given me and we were talking about our histories of physical and emotional abuse at home. I was reminded of the life-saving talk my grandfather (non-abusive, a wonderful guardian/role model) had with me a year before he died (from medical malpractice — man I’ll tell ya, I’m SO cruel). And also had call to share it as “bad experience with police” this a.m. and I looked and not only do I assure every word is true, the difference in the actual writing is stark because a) I wrote the truth, reflected on for many years; b) the woman I was so “cruel” to was making stuff up to assuage her ego or issues and impress others because she’s a “branded writer” and clearly “representing for the LGBTQ community” or “eating disorder survivors” I have absolutely NO idea but — it’s all lies and a ripoff. There’s barely a true word in that whole exhalation.

I guarantee somebody like Mark Twain would say the same. Bill Hicks, too.

According to Harlan Ellison and my grandmother, “You’ll go far Amy, because you have heart.” Author of 40 books, former exec., Nebula Award nominee, Poor.

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