Alice Cooper serves holiday meal at a food bank/shelter — courtesy MrBizarre/Imgur

What’s The Real Story With Alice Cooper Serving Food at a Shelter?

None of the celeb-obsessed commenters mentioned the whole line is nothing but little kids

Amy Sterling Casil
3 min readDec 20, 2021


Today’s “viral moment” is a candid shot of rocker Alice Cooper serving food to a lot of kids at what is said to be a homeless shelter. But what shelter, where, and when? I find copies of this picture dating back to November 2020. And it turns out, Alice Cooper had a tradition of feeding homeless and poor kids at his restaurant in Phoenix for years (note: the restaurant Cooperstown is now closed and this picture being shown as new is probably from 2013).

The point of this picture isn’t the world’s most famous shock-rocker next to Ozzy Osbourne.

The point is, not one single person commenting mentions that it is a line comprised almost 100% of children. What times are we living in again? Dickensian London, 1850? Is this Marshalsea prison? Are these the children of hapless imprisoned debtors without a penny to their name?

As I’ve commented before hundreds of times, and as is true, we waste or dispose of 40% of food that is produced. This is at the same time as sociopathic/psychopathic individuals like Bill Gates, who can buy TV airtime as easily as they breathe, are trying to kill large percentages of the world’s population, starting with poor children everywhere and anybody and everybody living in the global south.

Every single price for anything we can name, from a college education to housing to health (“sick”) care has increased by ten or more times since the 1970s. Oh yeah — all except wages for working people. Those haven’t gone up at all.

From everything I’ve ever seen and heard, Alice Cooper is a great guy who has a good care for others and who does good wherever and whenever he can. He does shock rock for a living and has earned a good living at it thanks to his talent and smarts.

Today, just like every day, there’s some celebrity-related news — feuds, name-calling, the usual infantile political idiocy, and this little bit of “Oh gee look — that crazy old Alice Cooper is serving food to little poor kids at the holidays! Ha ha, they don’t even know a celebrity is feeding them! Isn’t that funny?”



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