Ex-Penn State Asst Football Coach Jerry Sandusky (2012) sentenced to 30 to 60 years for 45 counts of sexual abuse of children, some committed on Penn State campus in sports facilities

What Does Jerry Sandusky Have to Do With Hillary Clinton, David Brock, @Funder Dworkin and Trump-Stormy?

A lot more than people might think.

Astroturfing isn’t a valid “communications” or “marketing” tactic. It’s a sign crimes have occurred. We’ve seen it with the Clinton campaign against Bernie Sanders and later, Trump, and the post-election dystopian hellscape of mainstream media and social media.

So, here’s the deal. The disgraced convicted pedophile and former Penn State assistant coach is serving a long sentence for decades of sexual predation on vulnerable young boys, primarily foster children. Most people don’t know that fallout continues after five years. Penn State still faces lawsuits from victims and has paid out $109 million to settle 34 claims. Three living administrators who heard many valid claims of Sandusky’s sexual abuse on the campus under cover of the football program (before and after his ‘retirement’) and disregarded them were sentenced to jail terms and probation in 2017. All three are wealthy, privileged men who were likely never questioned about anything they said or did before their choice to put easy operation of the school’s football program over the lives of dozens of young foster children finally caught up with them.

But good old Sandusky and former school administration lack of care or respect for common decency, much less the law, has diehard astroturf defenders in cyberspace.

How do I know? I’m part of a couple of loose-knit Twitter groups of people who, like me, are likely on an FBI or other government watch list for “subversive” activities. In my case, I’m on a list because I did the subversive activity of making a professional analysis of the Clinton Foundation’s charitable functions starting in early 2016 when someone suggested there might be some problems with the organization.

Those of us involved in progressive causes know that every time anybody mentions anything about the Clintons online or says something positive about Bernie Sanders, a #BrockBot, #ClintonTroll or #ShareBlue chatabuse bot shows up spouting lies. Organized groups try to bait progressives into making angry statements, then report them to @Twitter. Recently, obvious government “plants” show up in our conversations and make ludicrous statements — presumably to “catch” us wildeyed radicals and turn us in to the Gestapo (sorry! FBI).

Discussing #MeToo and other incidents of abuse with my radical friends online, I made the horrific error of pointing out that for a long time, I thought that my rape which cost me a Rhodes Scholarship and made me withdraw from prestigious graduate programs was an isolated crime committed by a sick man and for years even my fault. I said to my friends —

It didn’t matter that many others pointed out to the suddenly omnipresent, incredibly vocal sock puppets, alts and chatbots that we really were not talking specifically about Jerry Sandusky but about a social problem that repeated over and over

Through this disgusting process that revealed a bot network similar to Sally Albright’s team of Buffer Bots (which used profiles based on the names and pictures of deceased young women) it became clear there was some type of dedicated group committed to defending deceased coach Joe Paterno.

There are websites (multiple) and a book dedicated to “proving” Joe Paterno was in no way responsible for the horrific incidents that occurred in the Penn State locker room or Sandusky’s home or through his “charity” which operated using the good name and reputation of the benevolent auspices of the Nittany Lion organization.

Just like #CorrectTheRecord and #ShareBlue and #OnwardTogether. Do you remember what the definition of “is” is?

Kind of like there’s some type of question as to what would be going on when a graduate assistant sees an adult male coach in his 50s showering with a 10 year old boy who is not his son. Everyone familiar with the case knows what Mike McQueary told Joe Paterno he saw and heard in 2001 in the locker room.

The sad truth about what happened at Penn State is: everyone at that school privileged the football program and the school’s public reputation over the well-being of Sandusky’s massive number of young foster child victims over the course of decades.

It would be par for the course and likely not too shocking if Sandusky had groomed and had a sexual relationship with one boy who he brought to football games or had hanging around the locker room.

Penn State has paid out 34 claims so far and there are more still wending their way through the Pennsylvania court system.

Joe Paterno made a lot of right calls on the football field. On that day when Mike McQueary came and told him, horrified and traumatized, that he had seen and heard something unthinkable in the team’s shower — he made the wrong call.

Because we now know that there was ample reason and report of Sandusky’s malevolent crimes before the shower incident, and we also know that Sandusky kept it up with little to no oversight after that day —

Paterno is responsible. He should not have kept Sandusky on as a coach after such reports came forward and on that day he was told the man was seen raping a 10 year old in the shower he should have called the police and informed his superiors. Sandusky should have been arrested that day.

If he had done so, it would have been bad at the time, but now it would be 20 years later. Paterno might even still be alive, the school would never have been sanctioned or fined, and may even have won more championships.

If 100 people were told what McQueary had seen in the shower and no “Paterno” or Penn State football program name was attached, I am certain that at least 99 out of 100 would say “Call the cops!”

You see a naked man raping a child in a shower — what do you do? Oh gee whiz, I don’t know …


And that is what Jerry Sandusky has in common with Hillary Clinton, David Brock, Scott Dworkin, Joy-Ann Reid and all the others. Nobody ever stopped them. Now they are feverishly blaming others to evade any type of responsibility.

“If people had paid 1/100th of the attention to any of the young boys that Sandusky abused that you people are paying to defending the indefensible, none of this would ever have happened,” I told one of the Sandusky trolls.

No response.

“What people often overlook,” I said, “is that people like Sandusky who do these things are lousy at their paid jobs. Their job is to hurt others.” As I noted to the trolls, the man who raped me was a terrible teacher. All he did was spout his opinions in class. He never engaged with student work and just wanted awards and attention. He preferred to fraternize with young students, drink, and do drugs with them. I can look right now and see glowing obituaries written about him that laud his titles or names of awards, not measurable accomplishments.

I said, “If Joe Paterno had selected another coach able to refrain from raping 10 year olds in the shower, the team may even have won more championships.”

And that is the truth.

The Sandusky trolls seem to want to blame any and all others for the horrible situation other than the Penn State football program and administration. Reportedly one of the pro-Paterno trustees at the massive school has declined to run for another term on the Penn State Board of Trustees. It doesn’t matter. Paterno’s son has been elected to the governing body.

So here’s the thing. Penn State doesn’t have a football program unless the overwhelming majority of players show up for practice, play ball to the best of their ability, support their team members, and these days — uphold their academic responsibilities as student-athletes. The alumni don’t have games to go to unless the stadium is maintained, the lights kept on, the facility kept clean, and the field in good order. The school as a whole cannot run if every faculty member is sexually abusing students or other youth in preference to teaching. Even a bloated university administration has to have some people who do some type of work to keep the place running.

The school likely has asked itself “What led to this terrible event?” What could we have done differently?

It’s obvious on the face of it that there were decades of failures in the Sandusky case, not just the linchpin McQueary-witness shower rape in 2001.

So I think I have the answer. It isn’t a pleasant one for any of us. It involves taking our heads out of the sand and looking around and seeing what a — I’m going to use a bad word here, and I’m not Bravenak —


What the fuck is going on that people are erecting statues and worshipping Joe Paterno and crying because his statue was taken down and rationalizing that he let Joe Sandusky do what he wanted for decades which included hair-curling perversions against the neediest young boys you could ever imagine in the same locker room that the championship teams used. Joe Paterno was not “so innocent” he did not understand what Sandusky was doing when McQueary told him! No one could be “that innocent.” Paterno is as innocent as everybody that facilitated Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby and Larry Nassar.

He cared more about his football program and he misunderstood — despite all the wisdom he is credited for — what an honorable man and an honorable life really is.

My God.

No one likes to hear this type of thing. I sure as hell didn’t like it when I was raped and I didn’t like it when my baby died in my arms.

It’s what we do when the times are tough that measures us — not what people say after the fact.

I am pretty sure that if Joe Paterno was half the man his acolytes say he was, he wishes he could have done things differently.

You think I like realizing that there is a Sandusky at every school? Or that our government is so riddled with corruption that it seems like a miracle anything good ever happens? That I nearly fell out of my chair when the news came out that Cosby was convicted? Or Larry Nassar? (The Sandusky Trolls say his case was “wrong” too — of course! Their secret chats probably link to NAMBLA).

It shouldn’t be this hard but it is. It’s hard to clean up, it is hard to clean house, but we have got to do it.

We do live in a world where a white football coach can do anything he wants to any child he can grab hold of and a black man who’s done nothing wrong gets blown away in front of his little daughter because he’s riding in a car with a bad taillight. We live in a world where hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people think Donald J. Trump is Satan for having consensual sex with an adult entertainer, believe he has a “gay love affair” with Vladimir Putin, and at the same time think it’s good to drone bomb an innocent family’s wedding halfway around the world.

If you are conservative, and I know some of you are, we live in a world where the appointed Secretary of State can run a $multi-million favors shop out of the State Dept 7th floor and absolutely nothing will happen to her while the elected President (Trump) is presently being threatened with impeachment because he had consensual sex with an adult film star years ago and paid her to be discreet. Dozens of people who worked on Trump’s campaign are fighting as hard for their families and lives as I am after using my above-board, ethical years of experience working for legitimate charities to write about the baldfaced nonperformance of the obviously fraudulent Clinton Foundation (by baldfaced I mean — their own website says they do nothing charitable — it’s just endless streams of meaningless words and nonsensical, impossible claims and figures).

This needs to change. Nobody wants to clean out cesspits but it has to be done. In this case it’s a continent-sized latrine.

I suggest we can start by releasing all the wrongfully-imprisoned people and make room for the ones who really need to join Sandusky and the other Penn State miscreants.

According to Harlan Ellison and my grandmother, “You’ll go far Amy, because you have heart.” Author of 40 books, former exec., Nebula Award nominee, Poor.

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