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Twitter Star Scott Dworkin aka “@Funder” Plans to Take Down Trump After He Funds Himself

With more than 279,000 followers, Twitter personality and political “@funder” Scott Dworkin has led in the campaign to uncover Trump campaign and Administration collusion, or as Dworkin now says, “collaboration” with the Russian government, particularly Vladimir Putin. Dworkin frequently appears on MSNBC’s “AM Joy” show hosted by Joy Reid.

Dworkin has a long resume, judging by his Democratic Coalition web page bio. He knows a lot of influential people.

Last February, Dworkin threatened legitimate Democratic opposition researcher Will Caskey with a lawsuit because Caskey questioned Dworkin’s social media requests for money to “research” Donald Trump.

Caskey responded with the Coalition’s FEC report from the time period.

After the threats of litigation last February, Caskey wrote a Medium article explaining what a SuperPAC was, and how they could legally raise an unlimited amount of funds, but were supposed to spend money opposing candidates or political committees. SuperPACs were prohibited from contributing directly to a political campaign, but court decisions meant they could legally say anything without consequences, because a court had judged that their political speech was “protected,” unlike the speech of private individuals or businesses.

Dworkin’s SuperPAC, The Democratic Coalition Against Trump, raised more than $221,000 in 2017 according to FEC filings.

Due to the name of the organization, one would think that the money would be spent opposing Donald J. Trump.

During the second quarter of 2017, the group paid Dworkin’s for-profit consulting firm, Bulldog Finance Group a total of $22,500. The organization’s mid-year report to the FEC also showed six payments totaling $11,500 to FWD Communications, a business operated by Jarad Geldner, who is identified as “Senior Advisor” on the Democratic Coalition’s website. The organization rents shared office space at a Green Desk location in Brooklyn for $1,300 a month and appears to pay its Executive Director Nathan Lerner $2,750 bi-monthly. Next Level Digital, owned by former LinkedIn employee and “Senior Advisor” Chuck Westover received three payments totaling $11,670.11.

The payments made to the four men, including Dworkin’s corporation Bulldog Finance Group, would total up to over $180,600 over a twelve month period. This amount is more than 80 percent of the $221,000 that Dworkin’s SuperPAC reported as funds raised in 2017.

The Democratic Coalition Against Trump advertises positions on its website and via college and university blogs for interns. The internships are unpaid, although an unnamed “stipend” is offered to “campaign associates” willing to work at least 20 hours a week. “National Fundraising Director” Demitri Dawson is recorded as receiving one payment for $398.31 on the Coalition’s second quarter 2017 report.

For the second quarter of 2017 alone, more than 140 people donated amounts ranging from a few dollars to $10,000. Among them were nurses, homemakers, retired people, artists, writers, investment advisers, and members of local government commissions. The purpose of this article is not to shame or denigrate donors to the Democratic Coalition, but one donor’s name has appeared as a volunteer leader of an anti-Trump organization based in Los Angeles: Indivisible Against Trump.

At an April, 2017 Town Hall in Los Angeles, retired realtor Linda Bessin was interviewed by a Southern California public radio reporter about her questions for California’s octogenarian Senator Dianne Feinstein: specifically — how did the Senator propose to oppose President Trump?

Linda Bessin, volunteer leader of Indivisible Los Angeles division

This article’s scope does not include the Indivisible 501(c)4 organization founded by Leah Greenberg and Ezra Levin following Trump’s election. That organization received scrutiny from conservative websites such as during 2017 Town Hall meetings in addition to Feinstein’s California appearances.

With some PACs working for Republicans or Democrats raising tens of millions of dollars, the $229,000 raised by Dworkin’s organization seems like small change.

Just like The Democratic Coalition Against Trump’s 2017 media ROI.

@ Funder had no news articles between June and December and the June news article was Breitbart

A much-advertised billboard slamming California member of Congress Devin Nunes cost Dworkin’s organization less than 1 percent of its revenue and the $1,917 billboard fee is the only identifiable non-salary or overhead expenditure directly related to “opposing Trump” on the PAC’s mid-year 2017 report.

Dworkin’s profile states he is an adviser for Progressive Congress, whose website’s “progressive” action is a request to “Save the Children’s Health Insurance Program” (CHIP).

As actual progressives know well: the CHIP for which Hillary Clinton claims credit is just another way to enrich insurance stockholders, with premiums up to $70 or even higher per child, per month. Not one breath of #Medicare4All, #Fightfor15, #NoDAPL, #NoDrones, and an end to permanent war appears on the “Progressive Congress” website.

But there is a picture of @ Funder.

According to the mid-2017 FEC filing, the Democratic Coalition’s website dedicated to impeaching Trump, boycotting Trump, and hosting “Artists Against Trump” and numerous other web pages all leading to requests for funding, cost — well — see for yourself.

As Will Caskey pointed out in February, any public statements made by SuperPACs are considered protected political speech. Even the most ridiculously false statements are protected against lawsuits and punishment by court rulings. Dworkin’s Twitter bio prominently states he “helped uncover the Trump-Russia scandal.” Dworkin frequently guests on MSNBC, and tweets several times an hour on Trump mass media reported news that anyone can see for themselves.

No one should contribute any further funds to @ Funder Scott Dworkin. No matter how much they hate or fear Donald J. Trump as President, Dworkin will not help impeach him and in fact, likely fears that result more than anyone in the Trump Administration. An impeachment would bring the gravy train to an end along with a constant source of income and employment enjoyed by @ Funder, friends, and associates such as former Congressional aides to 70 and 80-year old corporate Democrats who are anything but “Progressive.”

Besides, @ Funder paid himself $57,000 during the first quarter of 2017 to “Fight Trump.” He doesn’t need any more of anybody else’s money to tweet.

According to Harlan Ellison and my grandmother, “You’ll go far Amy, because you have heart.” Author of 40 books, former exec., Nebula Award nominee, Poor.

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