Twitter Says CSPAN videos of Joe Biden at 2016 Senate Swearing-In Ceremony are “Child Sexual Abuse”

It’s not a lot of fun being a survivor of sexual assault or escaping a close brush with a killer CHP officer who targeted young blonde women. When I visited Washington, DC in 1993 to testify (pointlessly, uselessly) in the “Welfare Reform” process, I was afraid to go because of the already-bad reputation of then-President Bill Clinton and his Vice President Al Gore. A little-known politician at the time, much better-known now, spent the boring time of my useless testimony and Q & A trying to see up my skirt. His name? Andrew Cuomo.

I’ve been a board member of domestic violence organizations. I haven’t written about it, but I was a board member of Bethlehem House, a shelter and program for women and children who were survivors of abuse. The program was led by a Rasputin-like aspiring nun, who turned out later to have been a) not a nun; and b) insanely abusive of the young women who were part of the aspiring order of nuns, as well as abusive of the women and children who went to the program in hope of establishing a safe, healthy life for themselves. The actual house was at one time, the home of the Archbishop of the San Bernardino diocese. But now? It’s called “Bethany House” and is the source of haunted house gossip. The middle-aged ghost haunting the house? It could only be the one-and-only Sister Clare Lord.

I’m only saying this because Biden supporters have told me I should support him because he supports the “Violence Against Women Act”. Bethlehem House had funding from that, and also a $1 million Federal earmark from former member of Congress Jerry Lewis.

There’s only two types of women who’d think Joe Biden was a “friend to women” and girls: ones who’ve never been hurt by sexual abuse or battery, or ones who are like good old Sister Clare. Vicious and mendacious exploiters hiding under a nun’s habit. Or hiding behind a marriage that offers financial and personal security, or a job that says they’re supposed to help young people, like the Deans of my women’s college 40 years ago and today.

So, what are we to make of Twitter locking my account when I tweeted a link to a shocking compilation of CSPAN “moments” from the 2016 U.S. Senate swearing-in ceremony?

I had seen a few video clips of former VP Joe Biden putting his hands on the shoulders of young girls and sniffing their hair, as they appeared to cringe or shrink away. But until three weeks ago or so, I didn’t realize that these were clips taken from the 2016 Senate swearing-in ceremony and photo ops. Nor did I realize these were just a “selected few”. Watching a long compilation shows a different, even more disturbing pattern of behavior on Biden’s part than a few isolated photos or brief 30 second clips of different incidents. I thought seeing the brief clips, “He’s the standard garden variety creeper” but very much disliked that he creeps on, touches, and sniffs the hair of little girls.

It appears that little girls today are just as vulnerable as I was over 50 years ago. As a 5 and 6 year-old, I was accosted by not one, but two “flashers” in Redlands. One was at the toy store at the former Sage’s (which became Lucky’s — I think now it’s an Albertsons) and the second was at the children’s room at the AK Smiley Public Library. These were trenchcoat-wearing flashers as were commonly seen in cartoons or on shows like Laugh In during the 60s and early 70s.

My grandmother also took me on a few auditions for commercials, and I will forever be grateful that she decided “no” to any work on my part as a child actor. I had a close friend who was in the industry, and she was sexually preyed upon as a 3rd and 4th grader and also by a trusted family member.

But somehow, I don’t know how, I stumbled on a long compilation of this swearing-in ceremony and watched Biden showing his dominance over the new Senators by touching, groping, and sniffing the hair of not just the little girls and preteens, but also the wives or other adult female family members. It went on and on and was obviously a ritual on his part. Like he was showing these people “who was boss.” Biden got some dirty looks but that was it.

And Twitter locked my account and ordered me to remove this video when I posted it this a.m.

“We have determined that you posted content that violates Twitter’s terms prohibiting content that promotes child sexual abuse.”

Let that sink in. Read the words.

“content that promotes child sexual abuse”

Some will think “Oh, they are protecting Biden — they don’t want the public to see how he acts.”

Who knows? I just know that what he is doing is wrong and signifies a crude, animalistic expression of male dominance. He is seeing how far he can go without being stopped. How far can he dominate these Senators?

Watching the whole 12 minutes of these swearing-in ceremonies where you can see Biden “doing his thing” and the reactions of family members was difficult, but very instructive.

By the end I thought, “These people won’t even lift a finger to stop him from touching their own innocent children. Why in the hell would anyone think they’d lift a finger to do a thing to help a stranger? Or strangers?”

I’m past what happened to me. I have healed as much as it’s possible for anyone to heal. Nothing can ever give me back the innocent young girl I was before I knew that not only was sexual abuse and assault seldom prosecuted, it is tacitly supported and even encouraged. Our society is sick to the point that even organizations meant to help will often continue or worsen the harm and exploitation against innocent victims of family violence and sexual assault. When I hear people promoting Biden who want to tell me how wrong I am for not supporting him because he is such a “friend to women,” and he “sponsored the Violence Against Women Act” I think, “Bethlehem House got plenty of money from that — the good domestic violence shelter that was safer got a lot less.”

I think of all the law enforcement agencies who got equipment from VAWA while prosecuting rape survivors of rape-murderers for “false accusations”, and I think of how rape crisis agencies struggle to maintain skeleton staffs and provide minimal services.

Nobody talks about the rape statistics that show the ratio of reported rapes to prosecuted rapes. According to RAINN, only five rapists out of every 1,000 will ever be convicted. The cops who interviewed me after my rape in 1983 believed me and knew that the man who did it was a serial rapist. One of them even told me they suspected he’d done worse than rape — he was a suspect in rape-murder cases in the county. Unlike many people lecturing me that I must vote for Joe Biden because he is a “friend to women” I know what it feels like to think I’m about to die by violence.

I told Bruce yesterday, “It’s hard to describe what we thought when I was young. There was a backlash against feminism. We wanted to be ‘feminine’ not feminist because the image of the older feminists was so harsh and ugly and strident.” Today, I know that these first-generation feminists held up to us young students as leaders, like Gloria Steinem, were simply taking advantage of their public platform to promote themselves. Steinem famously said that young women were only going to Bernie Sanders’ rallies because they “wanted to be where the boys were.” Steinem and her fellow Gen 1 feminists merely promoted themselves into positions of social and financial power. They could not have less interest in advancing the safety or well being of women they perceive as beneath themselves. They will eagerly protect the men who advance their interests, like Bill Clinton. Or Joe Biden.

I’m so tired of being called “Karen.” Both so called sides of the “duopoly” use this term. The real Karens — the Gloria Steinems and similar younger women who are wealthy and privileged — they have zero blowback. And even crimes brought forth against some of their “class”? Justice is seldom, if ever served if a wealthy man is the rapist or killer. Ask William Kennedy Smith. Though accused twice of rape, he has suffered only legal bills as consequences.

This has been going on forever. And though women officially “have the vote” and have all the “rights” earned over two centuries that were recently credited to the work of departed Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg — those of us who are ordinary women are no more secure in our lives than women living in war zones our nation so eagerly and frequently creates or involves itself in.

During the second semester of my freshman year, I went to the student health clinic to get birth control pills. The sleazy, greasy, disgusting “physician” there gave me a 30 minute breast exam. I’m not sure I even questioned him at the time. All I wanted was the pills, but after I went back to my dorm I started thinking, “That just wasn’t right … I wonder …” I told my friends who all assured me it was wrong, but I never made any complaint. There’s no telling how many others he did worse to under the guise of providing student “health” “care.” When the George Tyndall at USC story came out I thought, “I wonder if that was the same guy?” No — it wasn’t. Like sex predator faculty, there’s “one on every campus.”

Sex predators target the weak and vulnerable. They aren’t stupid. They know exactly how to continue with their wrongdoing with the least chance of any negative consequences to themselves. They also know what they are doing is wrong.

Our society is extremely confused. We shame and blame and prosecute sex workers, who provide a valuable, worthwhile service without physical harm. We ignore and excuse violent sex pests who harm innocent children. Even though there are now trillions of dollars of lawsuits against the Catholic Church for protecting pedophile priests for decades, and against the Boy Scouts for the same, we have nominated two credibly-accused sex pests, including one that has literally hours and hours of video evidence, for the Presidency of this nation.

All I can say is that I do not want my daughter and students to have to live in this world. Their lives have meaning and they should not have to be victims of this unceasing lawless conduct and deep hypocrisy.

Twitter thinks that the 12 minute video compilation of Joe Biden touching the daughters and spouses of incoming U.S. Senators “promotes child sexual abuse”. What do you think?

According to Harlan Ellison and my grandmother, “You’ll go far Amy, because you have heart.” Author of 40 books, former exec., Nebula Award nominee, Poor.

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