I’m a hippy! The hippie-hater is now a HIPPY! The glass cliff (term now used to describe the craptastic jobs given to women leaders because no men want them): I fell off it a bunch of times. I even hurt my hiney.

Men and women: nobody has an answer for you. If they tell you so, they are lying. You have to come up with your own answers. If you’re used to “consuming” answers in the form of convenient bite-sized “content” you are that many steps farther away from an actual answer. Of your own.

The “Man” is lying to you. When has he ever *not* lied to you?

Who is the “Man” today?

He’s the one who is telling you that you can learn anything by watching a YouTube or branded white-label YouTube video or TED talk.

He’s the one who’s indicating you can get rich in glorified Ponzi schemes.

He’s the one who tells you that flexible work hours are the right way to go. Except the “flexibility” is 10+ hours a day worked, with no actual breaks, and you are paid for 8.

He’s the one telling you that you’re over 50, so you’re good for nothing.

He’s the one who wants you to sign up for low monthly cost online services, with each doing something different for you. Add them all together and you will be paying a quarter of your income just to communicate with others.

He’s the one telling you that moving education online will save money and “open access to all.” Access to what? To me, it looks like access refers to your opportunity to make “in-App purchases.”

Guess what? The Internet isn’t free. And it isn’t Green. Directly, it consumes 10% of all energy use — and that’s the official estimates. Unofficially? Your iPhone uses more power than a refrigerator.

The Man today isn’t elected. He’s promoted and his power to fool you comes pretty cheap. It hardly costs anything to dominate the things you see and hear.

In a world where Drew Dinkmeyer is a celebrity and lots of folks think they can become multimillionaires just like him …

While you are spending your time, money and life trying to be a fantasy sports millionaire like Drew Dinkmeyer, other people are living their lives.

I’m no longer tuning in to LinkedIn Influencers unless I see a clear, immediate benefit to myself. I’m no longer going to “share” any commercially-produced “content.” I will never again comment on the “content” of someone who has not done something for me or who cannot do something directly for me.

What I do is make things. I write, I paint, and I am working on an intense class that will take writers through the steps they need to take, enabling them to make the things they most want to make. I publish books. I teach. I give students the tools they need to accomplish what they want. I cook, I hike, I care for my animals, loved ones and friends.

I have worked for my last political campaign. I’ve done my last political forward. I’ve participated in my last online controversy.

In a full lifetime, we will have about 2.5 billion heartbeats, 657,000 hours, 27,475 days. How many of those are truly worth giving someone else some of your precious time, life and spirit for nothing in return?

I am fully turned-on to what I want to do:

  • love
  • write
  • teach
  • improve reading and writing

I am fully tuned out to this drumbeat of the new slavery. They just want my money, my time and my life. Furthermore, they don’t really care that much since I am a woman, and I am over 50.

All these megatrends? I see a new one. There are more of “me” than at any other time in history.

So, to my sisters: what do you do that really turns you on? Do it.

What keeps you from doing what you really want to do, can you turn off?

And: will you rise up with me for what is real, true, valuable and lasting?

  • love
  • family and friends
  • life
  • learning
  • growing
  • embracing that which is real; rejecting all that is not.

That’s you! And me!

(Originally published via LinkedIn.com which Medium won’t share because paid “content” writers write for the “influencers” and Medium wants its share of those dollars.)

According to Harlan Ellison and my grandmother, “You’ll go far Amy, because you have heart.” Author of 40 books, former exec., Nebula Award nominee, Poor.

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