This is bad for business. It is bad for business for the grotesque suppression of actual speech of human beings (i.e. let’s get personal — my articles here on Medium, or the words and work of all of the progressive friends I have made over the past two years).

It’s this simple. People can’t buy entrepreneurial products if they don’t have decent jobs or enough money. They can’t even buy movie tickets to the latest horrible, derivative film in a long series of superhero trashtastic junk made with awesome, ever evolving CGI and directed by serial sexual offenders.

They can’t afford a new Android phone and they can’t afford $200 cell phone bills.

They can’t afford to buy expensive crap out of a crappy Bodega Box.

They can’t afford to pay more rent than they would pay for home ownership, and they can’t save money for a down payment on a house.

They can’t afford to pay the cost of two or more car payments for college loans for over a decade.

They can’t afford to pay $200 a month for car insurance, $500 for a car payment, and $400 a month for gas.

They can’t afford to eat out for $60 for two people for a “fast casual” meal with a couple of beers.

They can’t afford to pay $850 to be bleacher bums at Dodger Stadium for the World Series.

They can barely afford the endless stamped out same clothes at WalMart made by either prison or slave labor in the Global South or both.

The economy is great, really great, stock market up!

This is what I wrote about 20 years ago, and now we are living it.

From Podesta emails — a document outlining a $1 billion plan to win the 2016 US election that references the business mentioned by Schmidt in this article is attached to one of the 138 emails.

It’s not this — not this ridiculous article and mention of ongoing efforts to “blame Russia”.

It’s that there is no entrepreneurship right now and hasn’t been since at least 2014. It’s that independent creators don’t have independence at all. We can’t even get our work viewed if we don’t pay for ads. I have been using social media since the late 90s and guess what? The only time I get lots of views is when I show my body. I have a pretty good body and face for a 55 year old, all things told. The gender and racial bias in Google/Alphabet’s algorithms is beyond all reason. Far, far beyond “When people search for an African American’s name the first search results are for prison record sites.”

Every single female writer, musician, artist, filmmaker and even business person I know will say their “views” are a fraction of the males who literally screech their every gaseous utterance 24–7 and have slavering followers hanging on every breath.

A small business can’t get its products seen if it doesn’t pay for ads.

But I see the ads working less. I see less engagement every day.

We talk, Alphabet Eric Schmidt. We are human beings, Alphabet Eric Schmidt.

I know my life has not been wasted.

I cannot say that for yours. There is no future to what you and your kind have built. The future belongs to living humans with hearts and minds.

We’re coming. We’re already here.

According to Harlan Ellison and my grandmother, “You’ll go far Amy, because you have heart.” Author of 40 books, former exec., Nebula Award nominee, Poor.

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