This article should make the demographics of Rolling Hills Estates on the Palos Verdes Peninsula clear. I have been working for a realtor for several months writing housing profiles of all of LA and Orange County’s wealthiest neighborhoods. Rolling Hills Estates, where the mall is located, is one of four ultra high-income neighborhoods, almost 100% “white”/Caucasian and is also isolated from the rest of South Bay due to being on the Peninsula. Palos Verdes Peninsula is even more isolated and insular than any of Los Angeles’ other exclusive neighborhoods. Lomita, where Cherie dropped her daughter off, isn’t on the Peninsula but it is nearby. It is a normal neighborhood with a variety of residents.

Most people don’t realize how segregated Los Angeles County is, and what a huge difference there is between the normal neighborhoods and wealthy gated communities.

I am completely freaked out that the Sheriffs would follow and target Cherie. If people take a few seconds to look at my profile they will see an article that indicates that I know exactly what it feels like to be falsely accused of a crime I did not commit. I, too, was diagnosed with PTSD after the event. Two years afterward … because the false accusers did not quit even after being scorned and nearly prosecuted themselves based on their original false charges.

I worked to develop affordable housing and economic developments in Central and South L.A. for over six years and I worked with women- and minority-owned businesses to create start-ups in L.A. County.

None of these is possible any longer due to the greed and evil of hypocritical, extremely corrupt “ruling” classes. This is a horrible event and my heart sincerely goes out to Cherie and her family.

Mall hidden cameras aren’t there to ID a person who looks “out of place” because of an isolated, all-one-race community that segregated itself due to geography, elitism, and selfish disregard. I know the demographics and housing profile of this community and fewer than 1% of Los Angeles County residents could ever even hope to afford to buy a home there. I can’t understand how a retired nurse such as the victim could even afford it but she may have had a spouse, family, or some other form of wealth to finance her residence.

The difference between me and Cherie is the color of our skin and age. My daughter, thankfully and blessedly, is now a young adult and survived the trauma of her young teen years and the death of her little brother Anthony.

I recognized at the Ed Edelman Children’s Court that while I was going to be exonerated of my son’s death, there were so many others there who would not be able to escape false “justice.”

The Sheriff should immediately restore Cherie’s car and belongings, apologize, and issue a public statement she is not responsible.

According to Harlan Ellison and my grandmother, “You’ll go far Amy, because you have heart.” Author of 40 books, former exec., Nebula Award nominee, Poor.

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