These ignorant and nasty and NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS responses to Liris’ interview make me want to waste more of my time ((Medium) despite its protestations to the contrary basically just promotes status-quo whitelabeled work and celebrity profiles )

Writing about how to feel good and be healthy and sexy after 50.

I know this isn’t an age anybody is supposed to be alive or admit they have sex, wear revealing clothing, or attract sexual attention but guess what?

Ya can! You can! You don’t have to live the way other people tell you to! That’s what I got out of Liris’ article — believe in your self, stop accepting stereotypes, and be the best person you can be! I think she is gorgeous, and she has a positive beautiful attitude.

Alls you creeps commenting on how Liris is not being truthful with what she eats and does or she would be thinner? HOW DO YOU KNOW? You don’t!

She described healthy habits — did you respond to that? NO! You called her a LIAR and lectured about LOSING WEIGHT.

Well here’s a message to you that you obviously didn’t get from the article title and interview: the article wasn’t about losing weight. It was about being healthy. Liris described a number of healthy habits.

Drinking only wine, water, and coffee — no soda or juice.

Walking instead of taking a cab or subway.

Taking half-hour gym classes to stay interested and active.

Eating protein and vegetables instead of loading up on carbs.

Eating a healthy protein/veggie meal for breakfast.

[added: exercising self-care and having great relationships with friends and co-workers]

As to those lecturing that no one can be healthy if they “are overweight” — I noticed someone said they had children and were over 30 and the pounds weren’t coming off the way they had before.

Well, my waist is about 4 inches bigger than I ever thought it was possible to get. I’m still hiking, still running, still doing whatever I want and I’ll be 58 in March. We do gain weight when we age and it does get harder to lose weight. It is still possible to stay fit and be healthy.

Above all, a lady said to me the other day, “We ladies have to go through so much in our lives, it’s hard to understand how we survive.”

Most of those commenting on Liris’ weight here seem to be female, with a couple of guys thrown in. Liris and the rest of us do not need to hear your self-hate blared out at each and every other woman 24–7. Just because you were treated poorly (as we have all been) does not mean that it’s justified for you to turn around and blast out at a total stranger that they’re a liar and they “can’t be healthy” because they are plus-sized.

I am NOT plus-sized, I am an age where society says I have nothing left to do but wait in a corner and die. My age group is being laid off at a rapid pace. Nothing I say is interesting, no man would ever “look” at me (or woman). I am just expected to lie down and die.

None of that is true. But it’s the same kind of hate you internalized when you felt compelled to tell Liris she couldn’t be healthy, was “lying” about what she ate, and lying about her activity level.

By the way, I don’t want to be on TV, and while I love Tim Gunn and fashion, Project Runway would have been in one of my other lives. I’m a HELBITCH and I am a writer. You can kiss my still good-looking a&&.

According to Harlan Ellison and my grandmother, “You’ll go far Amy, because you have heart.” Author of 40 books, former exec., Nebula Award nominee, Poor.

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