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There’s Not One “Branded Influencer” With Your Best Interests at Heart

They only want two things: your money and your imagination

Amy Sterling Casil
6 min readMay 20, 2022


Why are “branded influencers” considered so influential, and what is their function in society? It’s one that has been very “influential” in recent years, but I also sense — this career field seems to be fading.

I think there’s a big difference between a “branded influencer” and a real coach, teacher, instructor, or even somebody like me. Somebody who works in the field of “feelings” and “dreams.” Identifying them, exploring them, encouraging them.

We do not have a sophisticated feeling-dream-life pipeline at our store. Our store has a hand-painted sign and irregular hours. The feelings and impressions just bubble up, maybe I have a couple of hours to write each day. Maybe I work on a bigger project or I make a 4–7 minute article for Medium. Unlike “branded influencers” who will be quick to tell you their method for success writing their ideas for others and living their amazing location-independent life as bon vivants and world travelers . . . I have to work another 10 hours or so on other people’s projects to pay the bills.

So I saw people commenting about Tim Denning, an individual who must be one of the top writers here; man that guy can really —

I went to this chap’s profile and read a few of his frequent publications. Here’s what he had to say yesterday:

First, let’s get one of these assertions straight. “Bad news” sells because it is what is primarily provided. It’s like saying Starbucks sells a lot of coffee because … is it truly better than a local coffee roaster? (no) It is on every corner and it is standardized, and it is what the majority of consumers are most familiar with.

If you glance at my profile, you’ll see I’ve written 45 conventionally published books. Many of them are for educational publishers. So I can tell you that this snippet above, taken from something that Denning wrote yesterday, is written at a third grade level, maybe lower.



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