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The “Powers That Be” Just Now Noticed We are Dying

— Why Are They Bothering? It’s time for US to become the New Pioneers

Amy Sterling Casil
9 min readJul 22, 2021


First, let’s get something straight. We are “The Powers That Be.” When someone snorts and laughs at the idea there’s some shadowy group of six guys that runs the world, they’re right. If the majority of people get together and agree on the way things will go, they will run the world. And they should. And they must.

It’s a life-or-death situation.

NYT 22 July 2021

Whatever less-than-everyone group makes the lousy choices — their time is limited, if only by … death. No one can live forever (and no, immortality is not a valid or worthy goal for the uber-rich and uber-insane and even if it’s possible, it should not be permitted).

I’ve been telling people for two years, with more or less coherence, that the answer to our problems as a group do not lie with “leaders,” any “political party,” or any top-down institution be it higher education, media, or big business. The answers lie with us and within us. When the majority of people have decided they’ve had enough misery, they can and must and will choose the opposite.

They can and must and will choose healthy, happy, long, productive lives.

Since the “leadership” in the U.S., at any level, has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that it cannot and will not change and does not care if any of the 328 million U.S. or 7.7 billion world residents who are not themselves live or die— the alternative is simple.

It’s time for us, We the People, to care and to take action. And action consists of not accepting the answers that our established “systems” — be they healthcare, financial, educational, business, civic, or spiritual — have offered to us in our lifetimes.

So here’s a little story: In 2013, I was the Alumna in Residence at my undergraduate school, a place that invested a lot of money in me, along with then-available government grants for higher education and pretty massive scholarships. But this institution did not care about me (or any other student) at all…



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