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The Path Forward Lies Within Ourselves

Or ways for decent people to build better lives for themselves

Amy Sterling Casil
9 min readSep 22, 2022


I recall the joyous celebrations of many of my friends when the U.S. Supreme Court struck down the Roe v. Wade ruling that supported a woman’s right to an abortion.

So, so happy, as if something wonderful had happened.

This “human rights oriented” decision was made by the same group that told Dred Scott he wasn’t a person but rather a piece of livestock. And: within months of the decision, Dred’s “owner” voluntarily freed him and his wife. Isn’t that interesting? I was not taught that in school.

So regarding Roe v. Wade, a friend of a friend commented at length on social media how proud she was that she donated clothing and food to programs for unwed mothers. She even said she gave baby showers for some of them.

I can see this chick down at the Dollar Store …

I know why somebody would do what she did, but to go to the extent she did in bragging about it? Advanced head up the colon and back up her esophagus, looking out through her own mouth.

I’m past the age of having children, but I do remember when I was first pregnant with my baby Anthony and one of the doctors mentioned it was possible I could have an ectopic pregnancy due to my advanced age. Anthony’s father, the noted horror writer and editor Alan Rodgers, screamed at me for days when I mentioned that the doctor said it might mean surgery was required.

Alan wanted to make sure I knew that the priority was the baby.

Even when I said, “I don’t think a baby can survive that type of pregnancy — ”

Whatever happened to me, big fucking deal. This man not only overruled me with shrieking cries, the doc wasn’t being heard too well, either.

And that is the level of regard and same message our world sends to just about every single one of us. It’s not that unwed-mom-baby-shower gal thinks she’s that much better than others deep down inside. It’s that she knows she lives in a shit world and bragging about giving baby showers to unwed mothers is her way of telling herself it isn’t so —



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