Image created in Midjourney by Author (she does look sad, upper left — and what’s going on with the no arms Barbies???)

The Barbie Poem


My idol was a Barbie doll
With pointy breasts and waist so small.
She really was a fancy thing
With soft blond hair in a sixties swing

We drank Tang, ate tasty filler
We listened to songs sung by Mitch Miller
Barbie’s legs, they bent just so
I couldn’t figure it out, you know

So, I took my trusty blade
To see of what stuff my Barbie was made
I showed my friends Hey look! A wire!
They refused to believe, called me a liar

Her wireless legs now all aflop
Her neat blond hair twisted in a tangled mop

My Barbie still was totally swell
Made special for me by Mister Mattel



Amy Sterling Casil

Over 500 million views and 5 million published words, top writer in health and social media. Author of 50 books, former exec, Nebula nominee.