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Reset Yourself: The Great Reset, Me, and You

What does this megatrend really mean?

Amy Sterling Casil
8 min readNov 19, 2022


I consider myself an exceptional person. You should think of yourself this way, too. That doesn’t mean “better” than others. Nor even really, “different.” It means that I consider I’ve done as well as I can for myself personally, up to today, and that every day, I have a commitment to do the best I can. For myself, my family, my friends, my community, and for others I interact with.

That day.

Our lives are a collection of moments, and what’s really important, is how we, as individuals, live those moments.

Now that I am 60 (sixty), I think I might have a little bit of wisdom, combined with plenty of experience.

I now understand that I needn’t have lived the way others wanted me to live. I’m very glad that I did come to this realization, because now that I have? I am happier and healthier than I have ever been.

Once again, there’s a lot of information about the “Great Reset” being put out in the public. I can notice that following prior megatrends like “The Great Resignation,” things are going back to shitsville in a lot of ways.

Inflation on the rise
Salaries trending downward
Layoffs underway, especially in tech
Ongoing COVID mutation and spread
Pharma spinning more and more molecules large and small
Equity funding shrinking

More billions to Ukraine. It will probably be at least five years or more before much of Southwest Florida is rebuilt following Hurricane Ian (this is where I live, having been displaced from California, where I was a 5th generation native).

I watched a documentary the other day that told the story of the war of 1812 from the Canadian perspective. It’s a bit different from the tiny bits of information dribbled out to schoolchildren in the States.

A present-day indigenous historian said of the story of Tecumseh and native people who fought on the side of the British, “It was about displacement. The story of North America is displacement.”

So, Bruce and I were displaced. California is run by a cadre of extremely corrupt and evil individuals that, generationally, and with full intent, have spent the past four decades…



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