Daniel Rosen, formerly the Director of Counterterrorism Programs and Policy at U.S. Department of State (?-2013)

They Say Pizzagate is Fake. Likely So: But These Three Top Government Officials’ Sex Convictions are Real and You Haven’t Heard About Them

Author’s note: this story is updated March 2018: it was first published in 2016 long before #MeToo allegations and revelations of top sex abusers in multiple industries.

It’s one thing to say that “Pizzagate” is fake: another to say that Hillary Clinton’s “Director of Counterterrorism Programs” is a twice-convicted sex felon (child porn and neighborhood peeping/voyeurism)

And another to look the other way or shrug when people serving at the highest levels of government are spending their worktime, our taxpayer dollars and our government-owned computer equipment to view and trade violent child porn and contact others with similar interests. Or, as former Director of Counterterrorism Programs in Hillary Clinton’s State Department, Tufts graduate Daniel Rosen …

Many of us females refer to this type of person as a “peeper” or “creeper” — the court saw some of the videos and heard Rosen’s “heavy breathing” — Rosen’s boss at the time? Hillary Clinton. Rosen’s job? Chief of “Counterterrorism”.
Portion of arrest warrant on the videotaping charge for Daniel Rosen, former State Department Official.

HHS Cybersecurity Director Gets 25 Years for Soliciting Child Rape & Snuff Films

The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services employs a trivial number of about 79,000 people directly, and has a proposed 2017 budget of $1.14 trillion, overseeing Medicare, Medicaid, and the Administration for Children and Families, which oversees programs such as TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) and provides the Federal funding and oversight for state and local child abuse and neglect prevention agencies (often called “Child Protective Services” or CPS).

More “fake news” from the U.S. Justice Department.
Walmart, Gates, Clinton Admin, McKinsey — heavy hitters

It’s Just South Florida. He was just responsible for thousands of minors separated from their families and deported.

Handsome Anthony Mangione, age 50 and Director of Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) for South Florida at the time of his arrest reported by CNN in September 2011, was charged with three different child porn violations.

Former South Florida ICE Director booking photo (New Times Broward County Palm Beach)
An expansion of live-scanning for those working with children has been suggested. Masons can do their own self-policing.
So he should be out soon.


At the time this article was originally published, another federal employee, Raymond Kinney, former Federal TSA inspector, was sentenced to 20 years in Federal prison in Little Rock, Arkansas for possession and distribution of child pornography. Prosecutors elected not to add additional charges for the means by which he was caught: in January 2015, he responded to an ad to have sex in a AR motel room with two minors.

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