Oh! Sorry I am so tired. They have MANY open investigations. FBI Little Rock has been going for a long time. IRS Texas is also open. As to other FBI — who knows? Comey et al are so dirty. Comey closed the Federal Grand Jury investigation into them that ran 2002–2005. Comey also went on the HSBC board right after they agreed to pay their token $1bn settlement for laundering drug cash for years (which they still do). Whatever the grand jury was looking at then was basically small potatoes compared to what they’ve done since. They vacuumed cash (when I say $2 billion this is what’s on their lousy books — they have bank accounts in dozens of foreign countries). There is also an FBI Los Angeles investigation based on their dealings with Nigerian billionaire Gilbert Chagoury, and it arose because of Chagoury’s fraud in the Los Angeles area. He was (do not know if he still is) barred from US entry and I think they seized his Beverly Hills mansion.

They could be revealed in mainstream media at any moment. They could simply pick the poison. Whatever they think people would most object to. The opportunities are literally limitless and endless.

These investigations have pulled their actual bank accounts which seem unlikely to have much tie-in to their “audited financial statements” and tax returns.

The main fraud is in public view and has been the entire time. The “Clinton Global Initiative” is simply gala meetings to which attendees from various corporations pay hefty fees. Nothing is accomplished at the meetings. They have hundreds of thousands of gaseous nonsense words where all of these companies claim to commit to … do what they were going to do anyway. In some cases they “commit” to nonsensical “goals” that are less than they might have otherwise done. Having McDonalds pay $100,000 to send execs to a meeting where they agree to goals that have nothing to do with anything and then issuing press releases that benefit McDonalds is not a “charitable activity.” It’s at best “Chamber of Commerce” for billionaires. But the meetings are simply excuses for Clinton to golf etc. CGI-U — the schools pay hefty fees to sponsor, and the students pay to attend!

According to Harlan Ellison and my grandmother, “You’ll go far Amy, because you have heart.” Author of 40 books, former exec., Nebula Award nominee, Poor.

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