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Not Today, Satan — Not Today

I’m not going to be another victim of Hillary Clinton

Amy Sterling Casil
8 min readJun 25, 2021


Yesterday I worked 15 hours. I know a lot of people do this every day but for me? It was brutal.

As I finally fell asleep after 1 a.m., I thought, okay, it would suck so hard if I had to work continuously and Clinton thugs broke in and murdered me, Bruce, and Gambit. That would just so royally suck.

In January I swore I’d never write another word about the Clintons — their day was done, I believed. I even prayed for Hillary and hoped the couple would find peace and move on without harming anyone else. I gave up the resentment I had that this woman who exhibits every awful thing I abhor — from open greed to relentless egoism — is one of the most famous people in the world. I released the anger I felt that such a massive hypocrite and childish egotist is lauded continuously as a “female leader” and “role model.”

I had come to terms with the Clintons’ corrosive brand of corruption, and developed ways to protect myself. I had even come up with a few ways to help others. I accepted there was nothing I could do about their peculiarly Penny Dreadful combination of extreme corruption and in-your-face blatant lies. I used to call the Clintons the American Ceaușescus. But after 2020, I came to believe they were of the 20th century, and whatever was to come, that it was it — they were done. And so I did what I’ve learned to do: pray for them and wish for the best for them.

I had moved on completely.

So perhaps this thing happened because someone on Twitter asked how many U.S. residents would support a return to slavery — I thought about it and said 30% to 40%. Someone said “all Republicans” (i.e. no “Democrats”) and I commented the following:

I’m going to screenshot the pursuant reply —



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