Neoliberals: The Immoral Minority

Also known as “donut Twitter” (based upon a DNC insult to Nina Turner and progressives) and present on every television in my gym no matter when I go, the inescapable drone of the powers-that-be and their ceaseless pontificating on meaningless “moral” or “social justice” issues is nearly as exhausting as working 80 hours a week with no vacations, then being told the reason you can’t afford to buy a house, car, or sufficient food is that you are “too lazy.”

Every time I see or hear another “controversy” drumming up rivalry between the TrumpMAGA CHUD and Neolib Twitter I’m certain more bad news for the average person is on its way. Half of millennials officially don’t affiliate with either political party and it’s likely voting rates in November’s elections and California’s upcoming meaningless, sad, and depressing primaries will be among the lowest ever recorded. No worries though: your friends on CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, ABC, Fox, et. al. won’t report on even the few victories Our Revolution candidates might achieve. You’ll be sure to hear that whatever “happens” it spells bad news for the Orange Hitler Donald J. Trump and will be told that preselected, pre-voted-for neolib candidates like Gavin Newsome (Gavin!) are way better than anybody else.

So Roseanne Barr took Ambien and tweeted “Muslim Brotherhood and Planet of the Apes had a baby” referring to President Obama’s close adviser Valerie Jarrett. This is a highly offensive and bigoted statement that has nothing to do with any job performance, personal qualities, or — anything else. It’s anti-Muslim and sickeningly racist.

I still work 70 to 80 hours a week and my students are still struggling to get by. More of them are homeless every day.

The pattern should be obvious by now. Any time any legislation impacting daily lives is proposed, the public is distracted by fake ID politics. Twitter is a never-ending source of crude tweets such as Roseanne’s. But these sentiments don’t just come from ‘redneck’ Trump supporters. If anything, they come more often and more poisonously from neoliberals.

Neolib donut twitter keeps dishing up outstanding sentiments such as rating, ranking and comparing the quality of Roseanne’s nasty racist comments and ‘comedians’ like Samantha Bee calling Ivanka Trump the ‘c’ word on their lousy shows.

Bee was made to ‘apologize’ because Roseanne just got fired.

This is nothing new. Neoliberal socialization is brutal and crude in all ways. It might be why they hate Trump so: he reminds them of themselves in an uncomfortable way.

Decades ago, I brought up to a very ‘liberal’ friend (these were the days when I was conservative, before I realized all government ‘inefficiency’ was deliberate corruption, almost 100% of our military veterans hadn’t given their lives to ‘defend Democracy’ but rather ‘defend the fortunes of political opponents like Tom Steyer and the Koch brothers,’ I had NO chance of being a commercially successful writer due not to my lack of talent but rather my personal honesty, and that the rich were feeding off the rest of us like tsetse flies on cattle) the fact that his use of extreme expletives about females such as Nancy Reagan were in poor taste and unnecessary. He called her the ‘c’ word. Back then I heard this a lot, but I just said it was an ugly word and I preferred not to hear it. Being a typical guy of his generation and quite opinionated, he only spent 2 or 3 hours convincing me why it was okay to say that about Nancy Reagan. I didn’t care for Nancy Reagan much myself. But I recognized she was a wife and mother and — a human being. A woman. Ha ha ha it’s so funny! She’s a c**t!

This ‘liberal’ flinging of expletives attached to theoretical political opponents in our fake WWE politics remains so popular among Neolibs. They see no contradiction between attacking any female MAGA or conservative females in any way. As to leftist women of color like Nina Turner: whoo boy. The way Neolibs treat them makes their attacks on Ivanka and Melania Trump look like fulsome praise. The very name “donut Twitter” expresses the pride these individuals feel in their gangster front affiliate organization offering Turner and Our Revolution supporters donuts and water instead of letting them into the office and listening to their concerns about a liveable wage for working people.

Apparently it never crosses their scummy minds that some people might be completely repelled by their moral degradation and lack of scruples, standards and decency. Here’s just a few of the messages non-cancelled Democratic Neoliberal racists have aimed at Nina Turner.

I think we can all see the huge difference between these messages and what Roseanne Barr said.

This phenomenon isn’t in any way isolated to leaders like Nina Turner. If you speak up for anyone who has nonwhite skin or differs in any way from neoliberal hegemony you will be attacked in much less “polite” terms than Roseanne Barr used to refer to Valerie Jarrett.

And there’s no accident that Roseanne’s show and the 200 people who worked on it have been sacrificed on the neoliberal altar of desperate clinging to money and power. That’s all this is about. Money for the rich and power for the undeserving. And almost all of it always boils down to Clintons.

The Inspector General’s report about the FBI investigation of the Clinton email server is due out soon. Valerie Jarrett as close adviser to former President Obama was involved deeply in the investigation and decisions made about it as my friend Charles Ortel so cogently points out.

No one knows whether Roseanne was purposely encouraged to abuse Jarrett with racial slurs. But certainly responses like Bee’s ‘c’ word references to Ivanka Trump are the same as the nonstop attacks from lower-level social media personalities.

Transgender bathrooms, Chik-fil-A, NFL players, any objectionable statement from any non-Neolib, media personality ‘missteps’ on gun control. It’s endless.

None of it ever has anything to do with people’s quality of life, livelihoods, generational injustices such as institutionalized racism, suffering of Indigenous people, medical industry abuses or lack of healthcare masquerading as Aetna profits, endless bombing of countries in the Middle East, Palestinians being slaughtered with no sign of slowing, the destruction of Syria for somebody’s pipeline, leak-proof massive oil pipelines leaking within months of completion, hundreds of children in Flint, MI with permanent brain damage from heavy metal contaminated water, earthquakes from fracking, the student loan debacle, opioids killing hundreds of thousands due to Pharma profiteering . . .

I could go on, but it’s so tiring. It’s so much more fun to call your friend a racist because they voted for Jill Stein and put the Orange Hitler in the White House.

Please can we switch to Earth 2? I’m so tired of working 80 hours a week. I would like to just one day rest.

No, no cursing freak is going to make me stop supporting Our Revolution and Nina Turner. A lot of other people have suffered an infinite amount more so we could have the opportunities we have today.

According to Harlan Ellison and my grandmother, “You’ll go far Amy, because you have heart.” Author of 40 books, former exec., Nebula Award nominee, Poor.

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