Mr. Piepgrass, I believe Charity Navigator itself will be laying people off soon, if it has not already done so. I wrote extensively about how that group violated its own criteria for evaluation and issued a new “4 star” rating for the Clinton Foundation based on no new evidence.

I wrote 12 articles about Clinton Foundation and documented inurement and grossly shady “business” practices in every country in which they operated. I am the only writer to have examined their reports and expenditures in depth across the board and qualified to do so.

The original report regarding the Coachella Valley I downloaded last year has been replaced by this. I haven’t read it, and don’t care. The organization grossly falsifies information whether it is financial reports or “program” information. They don’t operate programs. They have no results. The only tangible outcome they have is their original stated purpose: the Presidential library in Little Rock. Our taxpayer dollars pay for most of that.

I’m guessing you did this because the new report was “replaced” on their fine website.

LOL! I’m on page 4. NONE of it anything to do with Clinton Foundation money or staff except for apparently — the writing and production of the “report.”

Nice of ’em to take credit for a local tax funded bikeway that won’t be finished until 2035!

Page 3 is the “Alliance for a Healthier Generation.” That is a totally separate organization filing a separate tax return, with a separate staff and board, located in another state (Oregon). I have never seen any legitimately operating nonprofit use another, separate organization to provide its “outcomes” in every report. However, Clinton Foundation does.

It looks like my articles did have an impact. Every time this “organization” is questioned they issue more meaningless PR. Work? No can do even if they ever could since they’ve been laying people off like crazy. No $$. I wonder why?

It’s not just an insult to people in Colombia, Haiti, Rwanda, Malawi, Papua New Guinea — and Indio, California — for people like you, Mr. Piepgrass, to defend this sad incompetency and outright wickedness. It’s an insult to yourself. If you work for them or are “friends” with them, these people are friends to no one. They are so incompetent they are not even friends to themselves. Do you know what they call Frank Giustra, Mr. Piepgrass? The “Poison Dwarf.”

They do not list this in their Coachella Valley report (all of their “Health Matters” locations are places where Bill Clinton golfs) — but here’s their big health initiative. Forcing schools to buy Narcan.

That’s how the HIV drug schemes work too. They force foreign governments to sign agreements to purchase the “generic” drugs made in India. The only US-connected company to that is Mylan, whose CEO is Heather Bresch, VA Senator Joe Manchin’s daughter. Mylan is the “EpiPen” company.

It’s a combo of gross incompetence and evil.

According to Harlan Ellison and my grandmother, “You’ll go far Amy, because you have heart.” Author of 40 books, former exec., Nebula Award nominee, Poor.

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