© 2019 Amy Sterling Casil — rock art of Kawaiisu people at Tomo-Kahni State Historical Park

Listening At The Breathing Place: Tomo-Kahni State Park

What does an ancient Native American community say about public and private places, the environment, and our culture?

© 2019 Amy Sterling Casil — State park commemorative plaque — hidden from the road due to risk of defacement and vandalism of Native American artifacts
© 2019 Amy Sterling Casil — the only petroglyph at Tomo-Kahni SHP
© 2019 Amy Sterling Casil — chameleon rock that I’m not going to place very specifically — you can see the junipers and scrub — the Kawaiisu said spirits emerged from the earth and were captured in these rocks — there are many more.
© 2019 Rock shelf along an entire hillside used by Kawaiisu families for grinding and preparing acorns (each area used by a specific family)
© 2019 Amy Sterling Casil — Owl nest above Tomo-Kahni rock shelter with cave paintings
© 2019 Amy Sterling Casil Tomo-Kahni cave paintings — ancient and spiritual
© 2019 Amy Sterling Casil — this portion of the shelter had many pictures and a nearly-invisible line traveling from the white area outlined in black on the upper left all around the lower rock.

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