Is Harvey Weinstein’s Spectacular Downfall a Red Alert for Clintons?

As the lifelong recipient of dozens of incidents of sexual harassment, a rape survivor, and realistic observer of our injustice system, I have been stunned by the depth and breadth of coverage of serial sexual predator Harvey Weinstein’s crimes.

People who don’t even know who the Vice President is might have heard that Harvey Weinstein is a serial molester and rapist by now. Weinstein has been dragged for days on every media channel because of his three-decade history of molesting pretty much every female actor or model who came within 20 miles of him.

What did Harvey do? I wondered.

Not what did Harvey do to women: I know exactly what that was and is. Weinstein is a grotesque exemplar of a hideously debased, corrupt man with money and power.

What did Harvey do to get brought down so hard, so spectacularly, and so thoroughly? Why are his vile crimes being exposed in such detail on every local news broadcast, on every social media channel and site, and every cable news outlet?

No one cared before even though everybody knew. Even when victims like Rose McGowan did speak out against Weinstein, they were harshly punished, put out of a job and treated horribly, just like all the rest of us who tried to receive justice for what we suffered at the hands of powerful criminal men.

Then I realized.

Harvey’s implosion is a message. I think it’s a message for a special couple we all know well.

Hillary Clinton has been on her beloved legacy media pretty much 24–7 since she published What Happened. Her book has five stars on Amazon, her army of trolls and surrogates are on cable and social media all night and day, and she’s been taking jabs at Donald Trump on every conceivable matter. As recently as a week ago within hours of the Las Vegas terror attack, Clinton tweeted out a self-serving political message regarding a useless silencer law that had nothing to do with necessary gun control measures Clinton knows full well that the corrupt politicians in both parties will never willingly enact.

Hillary’s husband has been quiet, which makes it even more likely that it is she, not Bill, who is intended to be taken aback by their good friend Weinstein’s precipitous, irretrievable fall from grace.

The message seems clear: Hillary and Bill need to shut the hell up and stay out of the public eye or they will get the full Harvey Weinstein treatment.

Despite the feverish attempts of Clinton deadenders to make Weinstein’s crimes and downfall about Donald J. Trump, and Trump’s reputation is poor, it’s still not as bad as Bill Clinton’s. Trump didn’t have his law license revoked because he perjured himself while testifying in a civil suit alleging he exposed himself and masturbated in front of a young woman under cover of authority (i.e. Arkansas state police guarding the door amid threats she should cooperate or lose her job).

As Nina Illingworth so cogently pointed out, it is statistically impossible for Bill Clinton to not be a rapist.

The man who raped me a few days after my 21st birthday had sexually harassed, molested, threatened and raped at least two dozen other college students. I came to believe that although I thought he was going to kill me, he did not because I was too well-known as a student and the act was too great a risk. I have thought for years about a quiet statement from one of the police officers who interviewed me.

The two detectives I spoke with convinced me that I could never hold up to questioning from a hostile attorney in court. After his partner stepped out for a soda or cigarette, the younger of the two leaned across the table and said, “I think you were lucky. We have some Jane Does and we think he’s the one.”

The Jane Does are among the hundreds of unnamed, unsolved rape and murder victims found in Los Angeles County: runaways, sex workers, orphans, abused children, addicts.

As others have pointed out, “There’s one on every campus,” and likely one or more in every big corporation, many smaller ones, and of course, the White House.

But this time, it’s probably not Donald J. Trump who’ll be Harvey Weinsteined. Bill Clinton is long overdue for payment on his sociopathic behavior, and not just against women. Clinton is responsible for Welfare “Reform,” the explosion in private prisons and the incarceration of so many African American men, for foreign policy decisions that fostered the rise of Al Qaeda and the fall of the Twin Towers, for the deregulation of Wall Street and banking regulations that led directly to the destruction of retirement funds, the subprime mortgage crisis, and the 2008 economic downturn, NAFTA that destroyed millions of American jobs, years of delay for marriage equality for LGBT couples, and to me, worst of all:

Destroying any semblance of dignity, justice, morals and ethics associated with the office of President. All these people bleating about Trump the Orange Hitler? You love a guy that penetrated a girl with a cigar on the desk in the Oval Office and lied about it to your face for over a year. You still love him. The only reason Bill Clinton is not Harvey Weinstein right now is you. As you continuously blame Progressives for “electing Trump,” there’s a big funhouse mirror you never look in and it is the mirror that shows the real cause for Trump: you. Your love for a crude rude racist rapist. Donald Trump? William Jefferson Clinton.

Trump has given favorable interviews about convicted serial pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, and has been accused of rape by one of the young women Epstein groomed and flew on his Lolita Express plane to his “Orgy Island.” But Epstein is an even closer friend of Bill Clinton, who reportedly took more than 25 flights on Epstein’s plane.

This type of man is bad more often than not, and Trump is no angel by any account.

But this Weinstein case isn’t about Trump.

It’s about Weinstein’s close association with the Clintons. Weinstein was a tireless fundraiser and campaigner for Hillary Clinton, reportedly suggesting Clinton blame the Sandy Hook massacre on Bernie Sanders’ “weak” stance on gun control (an accusation which continues daily via Clinton’s omnipresent social media troll army) and also took the form of Weinstein’s nonstop mockery of Sanders’ support for #Medicare4All, tuition-free public colleges and universities, and reduced military expenditure and conflict.

Harvey, I have some news for ya. Pretty sure that fleeing to Europe to evade prosecution still won’t avoid bankruptcy: for you.

Part of me still cannot believe that Harvey Weinstein is suffering serious consequences for his lifetime of sociopathic criminal abuse of women, for his obvious poor impulse control, blatant dishonesty, and horrendous temper.

Part of me feels that we simply can’t continue on any longer without some consequences meted out for the rampant criminality that has overtaken our public lives, our government, our culture. My instinct upon learning of the events of the 1990s was that so much of this problem is attributable, not to the distasteful, crude, rude Donald J. Trump, who held no public office before January of this year, but to the Clintons, in some form of political power, and constantly in the public eye, for the majority of my adult life.

A variety of psychological studies have shown that when some form of moral persuasion is present, whether it is an explicit, signed honor code or a mirror that shows a study participant their own image, only about 7 percent of people are flat-out dishonest liars and cheaters. But when no form of punishment or self-reflection is visible, ten times that many people, 70 percent, will cheat in some manner.

Society is of course, unsustainable with such lack of consequences or moral checks and balances. Even a balance as simple as a mirror, to show the true nature inside.

I understand from the news that Harvey Weinstein’s wife has left him in order to protect her young children.

Criminal justice organizations report that serial sexual offenders have committed the offenses for which they are arrested between 200 and 400 times before they experience any consequences.

With the Clintons, the offenses are daily for three decades and the red alert light is flashing. As goes Harvey, so may they also go.



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Amy Sterling Casil

Amy Sterling Casil

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