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Irresponsible Dog Owners and Attacks At the Dog Park

One in seven owners say their dog has been attacked at a dog park

Amy Sterling Casil
6 min readNov 18, 2022


One thing I’m pretty proud of is that I’ve been able to keep friends I’ve had my whole life. A good friend from my school years recently had a horrible experience. Her small dog was playing at a local dog park when he was attacked by a larger dog, who delivered a “kill bite.” The bite gashed his small back from shoulder to shoulder. The vet told my friend that her pup was lucky he was slightly overweight: his excess skin and a little bit of fat kept the bite from being fatal.

As of right now, the poor little dog’s vet bill is approaching $2,000, of which the irresponsible owner of the attacking dog has “volunteered” to pay $200.

Can my friend contact legal help and try to get some type of financial compensation for this terrible incident? I hope so.

Dog parks stink

Bruce has stopped taking Gambit to our local dog park because of the heinous behavior of the dog owners — not most of the dogs — that take their animals there.

Another dog attacked Gambit and the irresponsible owner blamed Bruce and Gambit, then threatened to call the Sheriff because Bruce refused to agree with her and spoke up to her. I took Gambit a few times after that but I saw more than one woman whose demeanor, behavior, and dog fit the description Bruce provided of this miscreant owner and animal.

A few years back, we were vacationing at Lake Havasu and took Gambit to the large dog park there. It’s right by the Colorado River. If owners were responsible, it would be a great place. But owners are not responsible.

I was watching Gambit play with a few other small dogs, including one tiny Yorkie who was just watching. Suddenly, from behind a small hill, a gigantic black and white dog appeared, and came running full speed at the group of small dogs. He bypassed Gambit and the other ten-pounders and grabbed the Yorkie in his huge mouth and began to shake.

The Yorkie’s owner screamed. I saw how terrified the tiny dog was.

I stepped forward, held my hand up, and said “No!” in a loud tone.



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