I’m no victim, Mr. Gibb. My life has been better than 99% of people who’ve ever lived despite what has been done to me.

I do have faith: I have faith in the true higher power, which is not any type of government or any government official.

The point in what I said, Mr. Gibb, which was reiterated by numerous students in class this morning, is that people such as myself and such as them, who strongly believed the narratives taught to us in school and reinforced in society, now see that these stories were untrue. You cannot enforce people to have faith in faithlessness. We the people were and are not the unfaithful ones. This society cannot exist without its people, yet we are told consistently and persistently, in every imaginable way: we don’t matter, we are stupid for having our values, and by the way — your phone bill is now due 4 days earlier and there are $20 in new charges we forgot to tell you about.

You and the other chap who can’t spell “Missle” think that you defend Senator McCain by casting aspersions on John F. Kennedy. You have keyed on my saying Kennedy had a better character than McCain.

I’m now sorry that I said that, because sure, everybody knows JFK cheated on one of the world’s most legendary beauties on a daily basis. They also have recordings of his backdoor nasty statements and racial prejudice.

But I really wrote what I did, because the original article I was enforced to read through no action of my own (I didn’t “follow” Senator McCain’s account on this service, his article was “served” to me and in some way, the service said I had followed him) — the first thing I said was how frustrating I do not see notices of people I really do follow and want to read, and yet here is this McCain article praising John F. Kennedy’s call to service during the Cuban Missile Crisis — and it’s basically a “nonsense” article promoting something I am not sure about: making people think that the Cuban Missile Crisis could happen again?

I see you wish to defend McCain by stating his father was commander of all Naval forces in the Pacific, making him a “high value” POW. What is the purpose of that statement? I did not really address the many questions a lot of POW/MIA families have regarding McCain — and here’s the thing —

I didn’t make a political response. I received an unwanted article forced on me by the one service I have faithfully used for over two years and it, by happenstance, seemed to be some type of “Nuclear War Can Be OK — I made it!” boosterism written by just one of our many elderly, corrupt and untrustworthy Senators.

Now I have not one, but two responses telling me what a stupid woman I am, and in your case:

Finally I really feel sorry for you. You have done to yourself two things that insure you will never succeed, you have made yourself a victim and you have lost hope. What sustained Mc Cain in prison and through torture ( you might know that his father was Commander of all Naval Forces in the Pacific at the time making John a very high value prisoner) was hope,belief and faith you seemed to have lost yours.

What sustained me through the life events which led to my diagnosis of complex PTSD was certainly hope, belief and faith. In Christ.

John McCain isn’t Jesus Christ, Mr. Gibb. Nor was John F. Kennedy. Neither is the U.S. Government, nor is the U.S. Senate, nor is even the U.S. Navy — none of them are Jesus Christ.

When I said I had been taught in school that “Every vote counts” and “my vote counted the same as everyone else” but it seemed no longer true (on a personal, and society-wide level) — I wasn’t losing faith in Jesus Christ.

When I said I had been told that everyone was equal under the law, yet this seemed no longer to be true — I wasn’t losing faith in Jesus Christ. God’s law stands.

Now as to the victim portion, we usually use phrases like “survivor” rather than victim, Mr. Gibb. The questioning process to which I put the final answers began for me, more than 30 years ago. I was a four year scholarship student at a prestigious women’s college and was competing with some hope of success for a Rhodes Scholarship and a Watson Fellowship. I had also won the college consortium writing prize not one, but two years in a row. And, I’d completed a prestigious internship at the Los Angeles Times Book Review. I’d been admitted to the University of Iowa Writers program, and to UC Irvine as well. Then, the professor who was in charge of the writing prize hit me on the head with an ashtray, dragged my unconscious body to a nearby bedroom, restrained my wrists and ankles with surgical tubing, and raped me. He burned me with cigarettes and bit me. In tearing my clothing off, he created other injuries. My genital area was injured but not enough to require stitches.

This is bad, right? I mean — it certainly is a traumatic experience.

When I regained consciousness, he continued to burn me and bite me. I thought he was going to kill me and made my amends with God. I prayed that He would accept my soul and begged forgiveness. I silently said The Lord’s Prayer.

Then he did something I’ll never forget. His eyes that had death in them changed. He turned away, and when he turned back, he was different. He untied me.

He let me go.

I never took this situation and looked beyond it to our society until the last 4 or 5 years. Before that, I never thought “What happened to you is not the exception, it is the rule.”

Even though the Bible tells us “this is the rule” this is what “men” are without God; even though Augustine says evil is the “absence of God,” I never realized that the nature of most people is neutral, and that there is a constant battle or struggle between the smaller number who work for good, and the slightly larger number who work for evil.

Why would someone fight in war, Mr. Gibb? People used to believe the patriotic reasons given in the past. Now, the old traditions of pride and patriotism devolved to your statement that “People who enlist know they could get killed, it’s voluntary.”

I was fairly certain in this last election season, that people who are remote from such concerns didn’t “get” that most of the military wouldn’t serve at the pleasure of someone like Hillary Clinton, who had so little respect for any value other than money and her own “power” and the enrichment of her “friends.”

“Ensure you will never be successful” — I’ve never expressed something like that to any other person, not in speaking directly to them, nor in writing. It would never cross my mind, that in “defending” someone I admired, in your case, McCain, I would unleash that type of statement on someone else. If you cared about McCain (I suspect you do not, you just believe in the status quo and figure it’s easy to take a dump all over a woman — a woman you are too plug-ass lazy to even see actually is “successful”) — you’d talk about the good things McCain has accomplished above and beyond adopting children from abroad. Don’t you think there should be more at-hand? He is somewhat above a lot of the other Senators who have sponsored no laws at all in 2–3 decades, but that’s not saying much. You wouldn’t say that Kennedy was bad therefore McCain is good.

Success is defined by the individual. What I expressed was my experience (shared by tens, if not hundreds, of millions of other Americans) that we were sold a bill of goods in school and in our culture. Our education was not thorough, we were taught untruths, and we were indoctrinated to believe things and act in ways contrary to our own basic well-being and that of our towns, cities, counties and even states. Maybe even the country as a whole.

McCain, to you, appears to be some type of quasi-royalty. And that is a big part of our problem in the U.S. right now. This man is no better nor worse than any other and he has many documented actions that show he can’t control himself in situations where self-control is important — and admirable. After President Trump won the election, Senator McCain took that bizarre “prostitutes peed on Trump in Moscow” report to the press? Why is this man being presented as having “the best judgment” while Trump is supposedly the least-qualified person ever to hold the office of President. That Russian phone prank shows someone who doesn’t have the sense God gave him, someone who is almost insane with thinking he knows it all and has total control of everything: a grandee who can sell arms and direct military conflicts, above and beyond the law.

I know it’s not in your playbook to get that there are people, people who might be female, who might have a differing skin color, who might be gay, who might be very young or very old, and might not even be American, who might have more sense and integrity than you.

But even so: there are.

According to Harlan Ellison and my grandmother, “You’ll go far Amy, because you have heart.” Author of 40 books, former exec., Nebula Award nominee, Poor.

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