I wrote this 6 months ago. About 100 people have read it and 1 in 12 have “recommended” it. Craig recommended it but disbelieved it. This article is excellent but qualifies. Complaint. https://medium.com/@ASterling/three-reasons-women-s-writing-and-expression-is-less-visible-than-men-s-e0e62b21d101#.49n1xch7y

I wrote this a few weeks ago. About 200 people have read it and 4 have recommended it. That is because almost all the 200 came from outside Medium and did not stay to sign up … https://medium.com/@ASterling/get-3-top-design-hacks-from-elon-musk-plus-tim-burton-s-best-ux-tips-cb96ebc588#.o7ats0bqg

I wrote this 3 weeks ago. It states that we can change the world — literally — by what we write. I believe this to be true regarding what we read as well, which is why I’ll never read another article by Wil Wheaton or James Altucher. While James is funny, he is a time-waster. It’s not that I have so much against Wil, either, just that “drinking less beer” strikes me as something not necessary to write down and share with tens of thousands. https://medium.com/@ASterling/we-can-write-our-lives-we-can-write-the-world-ec4c4887b7a8#.g9st221d7

And — I’m not angry — because neither of these two guys would have or could have written any of these three things.

The best, biggest step is to love ourselves. After that, love our world, and love others.

According to Harlan Ellison and my grandmother, “You’ll go far Amy, because you have heart.” Author of 40 books, former exec., Nebula Award nominee, Poor.

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