I think you attacked Brittany because it’s your best attempt at a sexual assault you could never accomplish in real life.

It is pretty surprising that in this day and age, a gentleman feels entitled to grossly verbally assault a female writer with terms of the utmost ignorance, abuse and disrespect — on a public platform with some pretense at being a writing/social media experiment to improve communication.

Nothing you said was remotely justified and riddled with the prejudice of a man trapped in a miserable false echo chamber. Only a completely miserable, life-deprived individual would respond as you did. Apparently this is to defend a political party that made its book by pandering and lying so much, so often, for so many, many years that everyone is totally sick of it except the last, weak-minded adherents.

Bernie Sanders brought us together because he spoke clearly and directly. He said “Not me, us.”

We’re still here and it is about US. It’s about those of US in this country who have some shreds of decency and honor and all the other principles and ideals we were taught, in large part falsely, our country stood for.

There’s nothing laudable or defendable or admirable in anything you did or said.

It’s a pathetic, weak-minded, poor-spirited collection of lies and insults woven together by threads of bile and shit.

On the spectrum of human beings you are way, way out on one end.

I always liked that riddle: what walks on four legs in the morning, two legs in the afternoon, and three legs in the evening?

In order to walk, you have to leave the cave, open your eyes, and listen. You’re not smarter, better or more important than others and in order to grow, we all have to admit we don’t know everything. Nazi Germany happened right here in the US as well. It seems you are unaware that 90% of Native Americans died as white Americans achieved their “manifest destiny”.

You are that person. You have absolutely zero problem with that, Standing Rock (to this day — it continues to this second), Flint, police shootings, zero opportunity for over 99% of any people but especially people of color, constant war and drone bombing 9 countries, and no health care for millions, overpriced, poor care for millions more. We have college debt slavery and credit card debt slavery.

And you just want to do your part to keep Brittany in line marching along to a pointless fruitless life serving Master.

She’s exactly the kind of young woman me and my whole line back many generations have sacrified, fought and died for. I could not be more proud of her and all the other young women who are so bright, strong, healthy and above all — caring for and loving of themselves and others.

Sad, ugly, debased, blind, fool.

According to Harlan Ellison and my grandmother, “You’ll go far Amy, because you have heart.” Author of 40 books, former exec., Nebula Award nominee, Poor.

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