I quit reading after approximately 12 paragraphs. What a long, tortured, out of touch excuse to thrash Trump (again) and reinforce the fake duopoly (again). All you have to do to see what is “wrong with America” is to open your eyes. If you’ve never been hungry, worried about paying a bill, feared homelessness, or received an astronomical medical bill after a horrific tragedy … here let me help you!

I think the people that reside within U.S. current borders have a great shot of coming out OK. What needs to stop is this country’s leadership’s orgy of imperialistic, insane investment in every possible destructive activity, from bioweapons to massive cyberwar facilities to overthrowing other countries’ leaders for lithium (Bolivia) to maintaining military presence in over 100 other nations worldwide.

“But how will we pay for Medicare4All?”

Insert literally any other nonmilitary non-law-enforcement (to protect the vastly wealthy) expenditure.

Oh My God! America won’t be majority white, Christian any more! Oh My God!

The nonwhite, nonChristian people are not the ones who instigated this nonstop orgy of wealth accumulation to the wealthiest, endless pursuit of empty consumerism, and promotion of war abroad for profit and war on our bodies, souls, and minds within to maintain control.

I was a good girl all my life. I haven’t been rewarded for that. I’ve been raped out of a Rhodes Scholarship, and yes, I was charged with causing the death of my baby who died in an accident at home when he was exactly six months old. Yes, Wells Fargo did fraudulently foreclose on my house and yes, I am on my own at age 57 doing all the stuff that is fraudulently indicated to people that just “anybody” can do: earning a living while freelancing, being “location independent,” etc. I’ve had FOUR DIFFERENT careers and no, I’m not a “troublemaker” — I have job tenures of 10 and 20+ years. I’ve only burned a couple of bridges in my life permanently and each of those was burned for moral, ethical imperative reasons.

I was just looking up pancreatic cancer again because I fear that. My mother designed Mr. Magoo and won Academy Awards and died of pancreatic cancer at age 40 because she used the early (toxic) acrylic paints in her work as one of the first female animators. I am 10–10 on the ACES scale (look it up, hope you’re on it but unlikely, Atlantic author — ). I’ve already made it long past the time I should have died. I’m an empath, and so few of us make it out of our 20s it’s not even funny.

The problem with this country is the incompetent, weak, insanely duplicitous “ruling class” of so-called “elites”. No one would make the choices they have and do unless they were drunk off their a&& and high on crack 24–7 with an indulgent parent ever paying the bill and cleaning up their mess.

Being an empath doesn’t mean being weak. No more dogged enemy do you have at your den of corrupt and mindless establishmentarianism, Atlantic. No more disgusted, dismayed observer of the appalling corruption, entitled-ness, moral decay and just —

Who is the U.S. perfect “poster boy”? Hunter Biden. The Hunter Bidenness of this appalling crumbling wreck of a racist exploitive murderous raping nation —

Am I.

According to Harlan Ellison and my grandmother, “You’ll go far Amy, because you have heart.” Author of 40 books, former exec., Nebula Award nominee, Poor.

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