I Don’t Hate Hillary Clinton. I’m Just Not Voting for Her or Donald Trump

To quote some of the information in this article, and I guess it is indicative of what I have found throughout the Clinton Foundation materials and the Podesta emails,

“As Secretary of State, she visited 112 countries, and she spent those visits, not just meeting with government officials, but also visiting schools and shelters and just plain looking for ways to empower women and other victims of oppression.

More than one activist has said they’re alive simply because Hillary Clinton took a picture with them. Yes, by doing something as simple as sharing her limelight, she made dissidents more difficult to silence. Now, what exactly have you done?”

I did see these statements referenced in the Podesta emails and see also you have linked to the campaign-placed articles in various media outlets, for which there are campaign-recommended articles written by people who many believe to be “journalists.”

And I had thought about these types of statements when I wrote the 12 articles I wrote about the poor or low performance of the Clinton Foundation, its confused associations with other organizations, and its exploitation of public goodwill and desire to aid others.

I don’t find these types of articles or perspective particularly informative; I’m neither sad nor depressed. Part of me is numb. The other part of me knows that Hillary Clinton, those who are like her, and those who would write with a straight face that taking a picture with a politician saves anybody’s life are absolutely artifacts of the past. I believe that humanity will not only survive, it will thrive though we must endure some hard times along the way.

What have I done, you ask with a straight face?

I have assisted 160 businesses in the U.S., Canada and Mexico, primarily women- or minority-owned, to raise more than $80 million in start-up or expansion funding. These businesses include those in sustainable food, sustainable manufacturing, or social-benefit enterprises. Things like cork leather, organic food, locally-sourced food, and alternative/natural health and medicine.

I have been responsible, together with many others in my hometown, of starting a project that was among the first in the nation that helped homeless families to leave the streets, get affordable housing, and find jobs and help their children recover from horrible trauma. While in that position, our organization (led by me) helped almost 1,000 families in that situation.

Since I am a very different person from you, author, or the Clinton Campaign or Clinton Foundation staff or Mrs. Clinton, I find it painful to even type these things. The program today is referred to as “Rapid Re-Housing” or “Housing First.” I always let my former boss in a later position take credit for that, but our efforts did predate hers. I also worked with the United Way and FEMA to write regulations for emergency assistance that are still used today nationally.

I oversaw $multi-million fundraising and new construction for two historic buildings in my hometown, both of which serve thousands of people to this day: the former House of Neighborly Service and the local public library.

I was development officer for the construction of over 250 units of affordable housing, I raised $millions to help more than 250 families to leave Los Angeles’ Skid Row, and I oversaw that project.

I have taught at least 2,000 students throughout my teaching career, and some have gone from incarceration in the California Youth Authority for accessory to murder (gang members) to graduation from Harvard, or from CYA incarceration for attempted murder (gang member) to graduation from Stanford.

I have written and conventionally published 30 books, including a number for young adults and children with actual content.

I co-founded the largest, most successful author publishing cooperative.

I founded a new publishing company meant to publish voices and work that is presently not covered by today’s “mainstream” publishing industry.

I lost my house. I filed for bankruptcy.

I don’t hate Hillary Clinton.

I’m absolutely fine with the life I have led, but I really don’t think her experience is equivalent to mine. Not at all.

As I stated this morning, I am awfully glad there is a Green Party that reflects my beliefs and values, and glad I am able to vote for Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka. I greatly respect both of them and am humbled by the opportunity to provide them with what support, I, a poor woman, is able to provide to them and our country and world.

In 2013, I was very motivated by the words of Nobel Peace Prize winner, Wangaari Maathai. I wrote that was a year for women to take control of their future. This is Amy Sterling Casil, one of 318 million Americans’, word for women to this day.

“Politics is not leadership”

According to Harlan Ellison and my grandmother, “You’ll go far Amy, because you have heart.” Author of 40 books, former exec., Nebula Award nominee, Poor.

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