Humans Are Not Baguettes

They don’t call it “bread” for no reason

I get the New York Times newsletter every morning. One day I’m told I’m a vicious, anti-social killer because I failed to double-mask and self-isolate for six months, and … According to NYT last week, after eighteen months of self-isolation in my closet and simultaneous volunteering for and maxing out my donations to Biden-Harris, I can hug family members again. As long as I’m vaccinated and so are they. Twice. By the way COVID is over get back to work.


Seriously — one day later look at the happy family! Happy Mother’s Day! — it’s OVER get back to work!!!

You heard me! Get back to work! Whaddaya mean ya don’t want to work 18 hours flipping burgers for $7.25/hour? Ya don’t want to be a server at my delicious vegan chain fast casual restaurant? Excuse me, lazy worker, I funded up for $25 million Series A and I am not about to give up my dream of becoming a billionaire on a bike-through kiosk serving cultured soy foodlike substances meant to be eaten by the masses and save the planet.

Moi? I eat gold encrusted filet mignon for my health and I donate 1% of my pre-tax profits to children’s charities in Rwanda

This is such a simple problem and the solution is also easy. People, not the New York Times, are solving it. Even I’m taking steps in this regard and I’m a lifelong workaholic and have worked 10–12 hour days for the past three years.

Because I was terrified of becoming homeless.

Just like you, I deserve a life. I’m not, New York Times, a fucking baguette.

Does it really matter, NYT, if every single McDonalds goes out of business? Yes: that would be a good thing, not a bad thing.

But if there’s not enough fast food jobs what will people do? I know! Enlist in the military …

Yeah — no.

What if people just stopped joining the military en masse, and those currently serving did not reenlist no matter how big the bonuses?

That would be a good thing, wouldn’t it?


Maybe they’re planting a garden. Maybe they’re learning a new skill. Maybe they’ve returned to school. Maybe they are spending time with their children. Maybe they are connecting with family and friends even though they’ve been told they’re psycho killers if they don’t stay isolated in their home playing videogames 24–7.

The scurrying shitweasels at Davos advertised their “Great Reset” — most recent information September 2020

This terrible pandemic — so many people have died. But more continue to be born every day.

So, I present the solution: the solution that is being taken up by everyone who is becoming enlightened, who is waking up, who is looking around. It’s one being exercised by all those who are not going back to work at McDonalds, or a tipped job where the employer pays $2.13 an hour.

We don’t have to live the way we’re taught all through school in the “greatest country in the history of the world.”

One word that was always taught when I was in school was “freedom.”

So, New York Times and Blue and Red MAGA so enraged that people aren’t returning to their low-paid, stressful killer jobs that don’t even allow them to put a roof over their heads or nutritious food on their tables —

Don’t those people have a right to do as they choose with their lives?

It’s about rights and responsibilities. And some people have upheld none of their responsibilities for a very, very long time. Those people would include:

The legal system: out of every 1000 rapes, 995 rapists walk free.

The political system: over 70% of people have wanted Medicare For All since the 1970s — it hasn’t happened. Over 60% of people support a $15 minimum wage without the exceptions (tipped employees, etc) — the $5.15/hr minimum wage (1997–2007) was raised to $7.25 — back in 2007. The majority of people have favored withdrawing US troops from Afghanistan since Barack Obama ran for President stating he would do so in 2008 — it hasn’t happened. This is 13 years later.

The health system: I’ve written plenty about this. It isn’t just a sick system instead of a health system, it’s a money and life-extraction system. Nurses make 20% more than they did … in 2010. That’s a whopping 2% a year increase.

Then there’s the homeless situation. Since 2016, homeless experts have been reporting that 25% of homeless people are employed full time. Apparently Apple doesn’t feel that the massive homeless encampment near their Versailles-like campus in Cupertino is any type of problem based on their behavior. It seems as though they like it being there, perhaps to serve as a reminder to keep their employees in line and performing at or above their standards.

Most people, left to their own devices, will do something constructive for themselves, their families, their neighbors, and their friends. In school, children are eager to learn and work together. If a random group of people are brought together in a certain environment, as I was a few weeks ago to obtain my COVID vaccine at the local community center, they will interact courteously and cordially with each other.

There are some people for whom that is not the case.

And they’re not the McDonald’s workers or those staying home rather than returning to low-paid, high-stress jobs.

They’re not the teachers forced into the maelstrom of this past 18 months of COVID disruption.

They’re not the developers or coders creating the endless series of apps enriching startup investors.

They’re not the writers, researchers, analysts, accountants, paralegals, performing all of their jobs so they can put a roof over their heads and food on their tables.

They’re the people who tell the New York Times to write articles stating that human beings are the same as baguettes, and that really, it’s great that a country founded based on the survival of people who endured the most heinous genocide in human history — can now repeat these horrific actions against innocent Palestinians without blinking an eye or a nanosecond of reflection that they went from mourners of Shoah to makers of it.

Our lives are worth something and so are the lives of everyone and everything else. And as soon as each and every one of us understands that, believes that, and acts accordingly and applies that old standard Golden Rule — the sooner things really will change.

People. Are. Not. Baguettes.

But like baguettes, the soulless rich can be eaten.

According to Harlan Ellison and my grandmother, “You’ll go far Amy, because you have heart.” Author of 40 books, former exec., Nebula Award nominee, Poor.

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