How Stupid Are You Neoliberals?

When I went over the donations to “@ Funder” Scott Dworkin I saw one woman gave $10,000 quarterly. She turned out to be a retired realtor who was also the leader of the Los Angeles chapter of “Indivisible” opposing Donald Trump.

All Dworkin does is appear on “AM Joy” and tweet vapid anti-Trump messages round the clock (with the help of social media scheduling software). The retired realtor’s donations represented about 25% of Dworkin’s income last year. He’s a little fish in a big pond and in turn, this woman is his biggest single meal ticket. Apparently she thinks that paying living expenses for Dworkin and his friends will impeach Donald J. Trump. Like her and many others of her ilk: this is apparently the only priority in their entire lives. Ever.

The only direct expenditure I could identify that Dworkin had made (other than paying himself and four cronies) was $1,917 for an anti … wait for it … not anti-Trump — anti-Devin Nunes billboard in Nunes’ home district in California. Being as I know this district and there is some minimal local control of voting machines, Dworkin wasted almost $2,000. Considering that otherwise, he spends money only on himself and his friends, it’s worth some thought as to why he’d spend even this small amount of cash.

Just look at how dangerous Devin Nunes is! He has been asking for information from the FBI for at least a year now. Look at that middle headline: he doesn’t seem to care that “HE COULD GET SOMEONE KILLED”!!!!

Nunes has been asking the FBI for the names of agents who questioned various “suspects” during the early weeks of the Trump-Russia collusion “probe.”

According to James Comey, former FBI Director …

I think some of these people who wear these pink hats and give their disposable cash to people like Dworkin think Comey means the danger is to the country they think they live in. Nunes is a danger!

To Comey.

We live in a world where a 6'5" guy with all the character and integrity of a used condom gets called a hero on TV 24–7, continues to pontificate as if he wasn’t terminated for cause months ago, gets book deals and tours while gifted writers starve —

This is the US of WWE and Comey is “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and Nunes is “The Undertaker.”

Vince McMahon’s wife is head of the Small Business Administration.

Here are a few things pussy hat wearers like to make fun of:

Natty Lite drinkers
Denny’s Grand Slams
Hockey fights
Country music
Pro wrestling fans
WalMart shoppers

All the people they think elected their enemy, the worst pussy grabber in the HISTORY OF THE WORLD —

I’m sorry wait —

Nature Boy Donald Trump!

Seems to me — and I have never, ever been a “liberal” nor could I ever be — that the core tenet of their thought process is a deep abiding assumption that they are better than other people. Especially “smarter” and “more moral.” Most “liberal” criticism of others includes terms like “idiot,” “moron,” “stupid,” “senile,” and so-on. Frequently “liberals” also criticize others for their looks. Trump, for example, not being as cut as his look- and act-alike Ric Flair is criticized for being overweight. His orange skin and fluffy hair confection are other targets for “neoliberal” mockery.

Then there’s the homophobic slurs: Trump and Putin are having a “gay” love affair — cartoons or Photoshop collages of the men kissing. I seem to remember a few of those back with Bush and Cheney as well.

George W. Bush (now a hero of “neoliberals” for being such a ‘good’ Chief Executive) was the dumbest man on the planet while he was President and simultaneously the most evil person to ever walk the earth. I recall when Reagan was the same: dumb, senile, a stupid cowboy the entire world hated (how embarrassing!) and also the most evil man to ever live, capable of starting nuclear war while sneezing. McCain was pictured with blood dripping from his mouth when running for President with Sarah Palin as a running mate: now he is some sort of Patriot Saint.

There’s a pretty good case to be made that Bush was and is evil. But most “liberals” have no idea of the Bush family background, involvement in CIA shenanigans, and frightening streak of vicious underhanded racism.

Thing is, out in flyover country or in neighborhoods you don’t drive through, pussy hat ladies, most people know, and have always known, what a crock of crap every single thing you rail about is.

The way people have been treated for far too long is what’s dangerous to our country, not Nature Boy Donald Trump’s tiny pussy grabbing hands.

Real people.

People like Fred Hampton, gunned down by the FBI and Chicago cops at only age 21 for advocating for civil rights and breakfast for little kids. Anyone who knows the history of the FBI finds it laughable that James Comey would be called anything other than what he is: a dirty cop who got tossed having outlived his usefulness.

People like the thousands of missing and murdered Native American women.

People like the millions of young children and teens victimized by pedophiles in positions of authority: in schools, churches, scout organizations.

People like the 3.2 million homeless whose numbers grow daily. Because they can no longer afford to pay usurious rents to your husbands, pussy hat ladies.

People like the tens of thousands killed by drones sent by polite, handsome Barack Obama and the nice guy you’d want to have a beer with: George W. Bush.

You went a whole 8 years with Barack Obama and you knew you couldn’t call him stupid: not because he’s obviously bright but because he is black. Obama permitted and supported policies that not only cost the homes of over 9 million Americans (with the properties and proceeds going to banks like Wells Fargo and billionaires like that nice Warren Buffett) he oversaw the devastation of any black wealth and progress made over the prior century. Police shootings of black people escalated. Ferguson protestors were violently beaten and thrown in jail while you got to wear your pussy hat to protest Nature Boy Pussy Grabber and get your pictures on TV while staying in $1K a night DC lodgings.

A thousand dollars is more than 2.3 million Americans living in deep poverty see in an entire year.

You buy stuff from Amazon on the regular. Jeff Bezos is now the “richest man on the planet” thanks to you and the near-slaves employed by the subcontractors that take the blood and guilt and responsibility off his unclean hands.

You think Elizabeth WARREN is “progressive” and fighting for something other than her own bank account and public praise. She’s WARREN Buffett in a pantsuit pretending to be a U.S. Senator.

A decade ago, I gave the United Nations Special Rapporteur a tour of Los Angeles’ Skid Row and South Los Angeles. Stunned, she said the conditions were worse than any third-world country she had seen in her role.

She was Brazilian.

I guess I will just never be as smart or moral or successful or rich as a “neoliberal.”


I do too! I’d prefer to keep my soul.


According to Harlan Ellison and my grandmother, “You’ll go far Amy, because you have heart.” Author of 40 books, former exec., Nebula Award nominee, Poor.

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