Madison Square Garden 1939 German-American Bund pro-Hitler rally

Hitler’s Holocaust: Inspired By American Race Laws Which Still Exist in American Hearts and Minds

ust yesterday, I told my hoary old Hitler [History] Channel joke. A certain range and group of streaming cable channels carries endlessly recycled and repackaged series purporting to criticize one of the most famous people in history: Adolf Hitler.

The effect of these constant documentaries is that more readers will likely know the name of Hitler’s girlfriend and details of his personal habits [Eva Braun/Hitler was a vegetarian and drug addict with his own “Dr. Feelgood”] than will know that Hitler’s Nuremberg Laws, codifying German and Jewish intermarriage, relationships and “rights,” were based on America’s Jim Crow and other discriminatory laws, many of which remained in place until the 1960s.

I have just now realized, with bitter humor, that the Trump “pee tape” Dossier echoes the famous stories told about Hitler demanding that Eva Braun and Geli Raubal (who committed suicide due to Hitler’s abuse) urinate on him during sex. This has mutated from #1 to #2 in more recent accounts.

I’m certain these accounts provided by “secret spies” regarding the two leaders are no accident.

We are still living through the Hitlerian nightmare. Hitler died in his bunker April 30, 1945. His American counterparts, from whom he and the Third Reich’s lawyers took such guidance and inspiration, lived on. They had children; those children and grandchildren continue to afflict us to this day.

Some of them are in high positions of leadership, or media influence.

We stopped Hitler in Europe. Germany excised his image and the other monuments of the genocidal Third Reich, as did most of the rest of Europe.

There’s a reason all the Confederate monuments have stayed up so long, and it’s not because ignorant two-tooth redneck Johnny Cracker loves them so much.

I’m writing this article for my “white” friends. There’s some facts you need to know and a big, full-length funhouse mirror you need to look in. It’s got your face, Hermann Goering’s body, and Hitler’s moustache above your lip.

  1. Hitler’s Nuremberg Laws that led to the Holocaust were based on American Jim Crow laws. Not “accidentally.” Directly and on purpose, and in some cases, word for word. Yale’s Ford Foundation Professor of Comparative and Foreign Law, James Q. Whitman, documented the process in his February book from Princeton University Press, Hitler’s American Model: The United States and the Making of Nazi Race Law.
  2. Hitler and the racist German Nazis were defeated by the allies in WWII. Their vile ideology, which began here first, just went underground. America has used its virtuous, justified efforts to liberate Europe and stop the Nazis to tell itself that, overall, our country is virtuous, brave and just.
  3. If “all men are created equal,” why was the legality of the marriage between Mildred and Richard Loving required to be heard before the U.S. Supreme Court in 1967?
Mildred and Richard Loving 1965 (AP Photo)

4. Why does Colin Kaepernick still have no NFL berth as of today? Aaron Rodgers, whom you, I, and everyone else, know to be a good guy and great quarterback, said why. Instead of forwarding memes about how you won’t watch a game where players take a knee, maybe you better think about why Kap did what he did.

5. Right now, just about every major news outlet is printing editorials that say Antifa are “the same as” the torch-carrying neo-Nazis from Charlottesville. I have become a damn Communist and my father was a Jew. In Nazi Germany, the communists and socialists fought Hitler’s stormtroopers in the street. They failed to stop the stormtroopers. I’d like to think: we won’t fail again. We can’t.

6. Trump is on the side of the Nazis and Antifa. Or against both. And by the way, he’s Hitler, only an idiot. Or an orangutan.

See, here’s the thing about Charlottesville. The conflict was certainly organized in advance, not just by the white supremacist/neo-Nazi “Unite the Right” protesters, but also well-known to local and state authorities, as well as established media outlets.

Below is one applicable portion of several “Media Matters/ShareBlue” manuals distributed to adherents in January, 2017 which are publically available on Scribd.

David Brock’s ShareBlue/Media Matters empire isn’t blasting “Trump’s a Nazi” for reasons of civil rights and justice. It’s because his employers are out in the cold as far as revenue and payoffs. Oh: here’s a shot of him from the 2016 Philadelphia DNC convention.

It’s one of my favorites.

David Brock hiding in bushes outside 2016 Philadelphia DNC [Image: Shana Gilbert]

In Charlottesville, an innocent young woman, a workers’ rights advocate and leftist who wanted to stand up against racists, was killed by a deranged member of the neo-Nazi group after the authorities brought the two protest groups together in a confined area and turned their backs while the confrontation took place.

You read articles daily or watch news media that is now equating Heather Heyer with the same people GoDaddy banned for being the worst scum of the earth imaginable.

“White, liberal” social media and state-sponsored news has been alight with nothing but “the Nazis are taking over with Trump’s support!” and “Antifa are Nazis!” ever since.

We heard zero cries of terror and fear and demands for removal of authorities and impeachments from positions of power from the same group when Dylann Roof took the lives of nine church members on June 17, 2015 in Charleston, South Carolina.

We have never heard from the outraged group of primarily “white” “liberals” that Nazis/white supremacists were taking over at any time while the nearly-1,000-a-year police shootings, primarily of African-American men and women, have been relentlessly documented and shown like death porn to the public for the past three+ years.

The police already have had enough force, and have been purchasing surplus military equipment for decades.

Corporate media now portrays that more force is needed to “combat” the twin threats of neo-Nazis on the rise, and Antifa thugs rumbling in the streets.

This article in the Department of Justice’s Community Policing publication documents the concern of legitimate law-enforcement with the threat of increased police militarization. It correctly points out the rise of this type of policing began in the 1960s, concurrent with the successes of the Civil Rights movement.

White Americans of decent background and ethics: your forebears (all of our nation, including Native Americans — their genocide here served as Hitler’s inspiration for his genocide in Europe — did you know that? Of course not and neither did I until it was documented and made explicit to me) defeated the Nazi killers in Germany in 1945.

Look in the damn mirror. Hitler isn’t bombing 8 countries, the United States is. Hitler isn’t seeking to destabilize Syria and Venezuela, the United States is. We didn’t start doing these things January 20, 2017, either.

We have always done them, and we have never stopped. It just went underground. Men in white hoods took those off and replaced them with bullet-resistant shields, batons, automatic weapons, battering rams.

Others put nice words in their mouths and picked some females and people of color to put forth as exemplars of progress. I’m sure you can think of a couple of such individuals.

Puppets on a string: furthering oppression, terror and violence to maintain control.

When is the last time you ever did business with an African-American business, had a person of color over to your house, read an African-American publication or writing by an African-American that wasn’t about exactly what you wanted to hear (i.e. Joy Reid). What African-American scientist, author, or professional do you know the work of well, which has benefited your own work or professional life?

When have you taken time out to listen to any person of color and their perspective?

When did you sit down and compare the treatment of the Water Defenders at Standing Rock with how the neo-Nazis were treated in Charlottesville, or virtually any other protest? Did you compare how the Ferguson, MO protesters were treated by police authorities with the Tiki Torch Charlottesville Nazis? Or compare how individuals who were arrested were treated? I heard the cops took Dylann Roof for fast food after he slaughtered 9 church members in cold blood in Charleston.

Do you think, complacent white American, that it would be appropriate for cops to take Ted Bundy for a nice hot meal after he was found to have slaughtered his last victim, 12 year old Kimberly Diane Leach and finally apprehended?

Is there even a tiny part of you that could imagine the message sent by those police officers to every single African-American about the value of their lives after such an event occurred.

And ongoing.

Donald J. Trump had not announced he was running for president on November 26, 2014 when the above two images were taken. 58 people were arrested on that one night in Ferguson, MO.

The next time you call Donald J. Trump “Orange Hitler” look in the mirror.

The Führer’s face is yours.

According to Harlan Ellison and my grandmother, “You’ll go far Amy, because you have heart.” Author of 40 books, former exec., Nebula Award nominee, Poor.

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