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Hey Kids! Originality.AI Is In Development

And I’m not a “content writer” … kiss my … yeah … getouttahere you hustling hucksters

Amy Sterling Casil
9 min readJan 24


I’m not in the ballpark with my pals who think AI art programs are the bees knees and AI writing programs will someday soon “create” some type of functional, cash-earning entertainment product.

You may have read my most-read article. Here it is, in case you haven’t.

It took me more than a decade to write this. It’s a step-by-step account of the worst days of my life. The title is true. It tells what happened when Lali died, the days I had to spend in family court, and how my daughter and I have eventually been healing ever since we lost Lali.

So, here’s what good old “Originality.AI” had to say:

The “Originality.AI” report for the above-linked personal essay — 3,600 words

I ran another, more recent essay through. I published this on Christmas Day, and it was just an overview of … how happy I am! My philosophy, I guess you could say.

There’s not 3% AI writing in this. There is zero. Not only is there zero, it’s so far from something any chat program would spew it should be ZERO.

I don’t much write the type of “content” these programs supposedly exist to detect (or create). But this morning I did complete a brief 700 word assignment for a design-build contractor. I have a background in affordable housing and community development so something like this is easy and quick for me to do.

[Note: Originality.AI staff has communicated with me — what these “scores” mean is that it is unlikely anything was AI-written — however, I think the “system” does need work because they should say “zero”]



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