Hello Sarah. Please observe my picture. I will be 57 in March. My father was a Russian Jew. My mother was predominately Irish. I am a graduate of Redlands High School, a town very similar to Thousand Oaks. Because my mother died when I was 3 months old, I was raised in her hometown by her parents, my grandparents. I am a Christian by faith and as I am sure you know well, not considered Jewish and would have to convert to become so as my brother has done.

In high school, a group of skinhead, WS Neo-Nazi boys who had previously crushed on me turned on me in a day. Two of them were in our required US history class with me. One of these boys, now a grown man, is actually my Facebook friend — he denies doing or knowing any of this.

Our history teacher wore heavy black boots and threatened to stomp on the feet of any girl wearing flipflops or other shoes he found objectionable. He was loud and domineering.

We came to the unit on WW2 (not the Holocaust, just the war) and after watching a film that briefly showed Auschwitz, our domineering teacher asked the class questions. Hardly anybody knew anything about it except me — I’d learned on my own from books and TV shows.

Mr. Butler — our teacher’s name — suddenly turned in class and pointed at me and in his loud, booming voice said, “You! Glasband! What do you say about the Jews and World War Two? You’re a Jew!”

Our town was so naive and there were so few Jews that my surname was for teasing (Glass-Ass, Rubber Band) and not recognized as Jewish. Only my close friends knew my dad was Jewish — and those who traveled to Los Angeles frequently and saw the “Glasband-Willen Mortuary” bus benches with the Star of David.

So these two boys turned around and I thought “Oh no.”

Oh, yes. They set my locker on fire that very day and wrote “Die Juden Bitch!” on it.

I got sent home from school for three days. To my knowledge, nothing ever happened to any of them.

I was friends with everyone and am still well known in the town though haven’t lived there for a long time. But that was the first time in my school life somebody did something really bad and nothing was done to them. I wasn’t really fearful later on in school because it was our senior year and because I had a lot of friends who came down on those guys. Mr. Butler not only never apologized, he thought it was funny. Looking back it was obvious he was one of them — and in this case as I know our school leadership over the years, another one was our female Vice Principal, who actually drove me to an awards dinner at a local club (one which I later became president of) and said every other student’s name except mine, forcing club members to give me my scholarship, the main one, after the event concluded.

This problem isn’t isolated. It’s not started by Trump and it’s not new. I’m not even sure it’s “growing.”

The ones to fear aren’t skinheads with big boots or their cousins the Incels who inform women “more men are raped by women than women are raped by men!”

They are people in positions of leadership and decision-making capacity. Fearful positions, and people who will not give up their power unless forced.

I feel compelled to add a coda. I have had positions of responsibility and influence. I know influential Jewish (and non-Jewish) people. Yet I have the outside perspective, raised in a very conservative Gentile environment and associating with non-Jewish people who have been even more influential.

I know Jews are heavily associated with and financially supportive of the Democratic Party. Both political “parties” are largely, if not totally, controlled by people who make school-based teen skinheads look like civil rights advocates. Every time somebody mentions anything about it online, a troll shows up to call the person who says it “insane” or the things they say “crazy conspiracy theories!”

So, Bill and Hillary Clinton really did have slaves in the AR governor’s mansion and are anything but “friends” to African-Americans or Jewish people, and George W. Bush’s grandfather Prescott Bush really was the Nazi’s Wall Street banker in the U.S. Listen to a recording of what beloved Barbara Bush said about the survivors of Hurricane Katrina who were in Houston’s Astrodome.

That high school Vice Principal was considered so moral and upstanding in our community — in reality she was a nasty racist who told one of my friends from the barrio she should get pregnant to catch a husband because that was the only way she’d get one and told my other friend who became a city councilmember later he should cheat to pass auto shop because that was the best job he could get.

I almost married the heir to the Conoco-Phillips oil fortune and one of two main reasons I didn’t is that his mother said in front of my face “I don’t want you to marry someone with tainted blood.”

So yeah. Skinheads at the HS in Thousand Oaks. Sorry that happened to ya.

According to Harlan Ellison and my grandmother, “You’ll go far Amy, because you have heart.” Author of 40 books, former exec., Nebula Award nominee, Poor.

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