Hello David, this is a list of all of the articles in order they were written, and topics covered. I believe you are commenting on one of the earlier, if not the first, articles I wrote based on their own website claims, public financial filings, and phone calls — like to the number they listed on the report you “can’t find” that was recently “replaced” by a new report that lacks a staff member’s name and phone number.

Because there isn’t one, and never was one.

After the Podesta emails were released I was able to examine the organization’s salary records and internal documents related to a review in 2011 and a separate review by a McKinsey executive. Both of these reviews had access to every executive and record “provided” to them by the Foundation and BOTH came to the same conclusions I did looking on my own.

This organization had only 2 or 3 directors until Chelsea Clinton’s friend Eric Braverman was put in charge for an 18 month period leading up to his resignation. The Directors were Bill Clinton, Bruce Lindsey and a rotating list of other extremely close friends.

The financial reports AS THEY STAND reek of poor accounting. Coupled with everything else (untrue information in every location on their website, throughout every “annual report”)

Guess what? They’re not alone, and the only way they were or are the worst is the benefit of President Clinton’s name. This is the model for American-based “international aid” “charity.” ALL have poor to no outcomes.

Read all 12 articles. Or not. I know a “Correct the Record” troll when I see one, having experienced so many hundreds over the past year. I think it’s funny they would think putting that equally nonsensical and embarrassing “report” about their “Health Matters Initiative” (“Health of Bill Clinton’s Wallet and Golf game Initiative”) would accomplish anything.

There is an open IRS charity fraud investigation. And the real scandal is Clinton Foundation’s scamlike nature — not the money received, but how very poorly the declared $2 billion in donated funds was spent.

And finally: Haiti.

According to Harlan Ellison and my grandmother, “You’ll go far Amy, because you have heart.” Author of 40 books, former exec., Nebula Award nominee, Poor.

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