Eve, I read your response and the original story and I agree.

The depths of awful in that mother not going to the deathbed of her gay child dying of AIDS is pretty much what I grew up with. This is the way of life for so many families. The one quibble I had with Emma’s original article is that she emphasizes “lower class” or working class people who fear “being on the bottom rung” if others “rise above” them. Kel objected because the demographics of Trump voters don’t fit with that. Some are wealthier, many are women (as a former Conservative woman, I object to the ‘they don’t view themselves as financial providers’ — well as a multi-generational single mother and financial provider this piece of multi-ethnic white trash does object).

Do people want to be like that mother ignoring her child’s dying moments?

I doubt it. I doubt when it gets right down to it they want to be like my ultra-wealthy first fiance’s parents at his deathbed, which was just due to alcoholism. He died alone, too.

It’s no virtue to me to be able to see things from others’ perspectives. It’s just the way I was made.

I am guessing there are at least 10 million Trump supporters. I just tried to look and got dozens of BS articles, including one by a “friend” (frenemy — actually a self-entitled douchebag) featuring a picture of Trump supporters with “outthrust right hands” i.e. “Heil Hitler!”

There’s no way there are 10 million closet neo-Nazis in the U.S. Nor is Trump anything like Hitler. Hitler’s employees built things, sure. But Hitler wasn’t a business person (unless you count the business of killing and ultimate exploitation — like pulling gold fillings out of dead people’s teeth).

I think the percentage of people who understand what Emma has said probably directly correlates to the number who clicked on, read and listened to the link of Mike de Stefano and his last motorcycle ride with his girlfriend.

Kel — these people are human beings too, that is all Eve is trying to say. Maybe Trump is evil but it’s plain to be seen he isn’t even close to Hitler evil. He’s not going to “go Hitler evil.” Hitler didn’t have three wives — he only married Eva Braun by force at the end of his miserable life. He didn’t build golf courses and casinos, he built slaughterhouses and crematoriums and instructed his troops to dig massive trenches into which they would dump the hundreds of thousands of headshot bodies. He didn’t, I think, personally, “hate” Jewish or “Slav” or “Romany” people. He may have thought he was doing gay people or developmentally disabled people a favor by killing them in the back of vans rigged up with carbon monoxide gas.

We can understand that the driver of such a van was a fearful, average, ordinary person, most likely. We did not in turn, after the second World War, go and kill every German. We held the Nuremberg trials and killed the leaders who were directly responsible. Even today there are questions as to how “evil” these men were.

Was Leni Riefenstal evil?

There is zero comparison to today’s situation in the U.S. and WWII Germany. But people who comment in public have close to the amount of disrespect the average German had for any one of the people forced into the vans, trains or camps — they have probably that same amount of layers of disrespect, disregard and low/no empathy. Yes, that is true. And one cannot blame the Trump supporters for being aware of such. One cannot blame them for fighting.

I would not have shot those people, I would not have driven that van, I would have resisted, I would have hidden people, and when caught, I would have died with as much dignity as I could have mustered. And it might have not been too much.

But I have a lot of balls for a woman, and I’ve never been that attached to my life. It’s not virtue, it’s just as I’m made.

According to Harlan Ellison and my grandmother, “You’ll go far Amy, because you have heart.” Author of 40 books, former exec., Nebula Award nominee, Poor.

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