Eric Schmidt, so far above me, I may as well be a garden snail

Eric Schmidt Blames The Russians For Alphabet/Google and DNC/Clinton Campaign Failures

Alphabet’s Eric Schmidt has authored a piece for Fast Company published here on Medium which points out the seriousness of Russian influence on U.S. elections and how his company and all the other tech giants are hard at work to combat this existential threat to our democracy.

Also at Alphabet headquarters they are eating a vast quantity of donuts which have been guaranteed organic and calorie-free.

Most of us on the actual left have long grown tired of the sub-moronic bleating about Russian conspiracies. The effect of this constant drumbeat of nonsense is to make us much more favorable to Russia than I think any of us otherwise would be. At this point the constant bullhorn blast of “Russians made Hillary Clinton Lose and Trump win!” is more aggravating than the Bud Light “Dilly Dilly” commercial on constant rotation during the World Series.

So, here’s the deal: last fall, Wikileaks pointed out that Google/Alphabet’s Eric Schmidt not only had intimately close ties to the Clinton campaign and DNC, he authored a plan to use the power of Google and other social media giants and all the technology at their disposal, including AI and machine learning, to get Hillary Clinton elected President in 2016. The plan was personally typed by Schmidt [], sent to close Clinton adviser Cheryl Mills in April, 2014, and then forwarded to the Clinton team, including Robby Mook, John Podesta, and Team Obama’s David Plouffe.

I’ll just put the screen shots here.

Eric Schmidt’s ideas ended up with him being used by the venal, dishonest, low-minded Clinton DNC, although his off-handed comments about “low paid” employees show where his sentiments about human beings lie. He apparently took numerous people in the campaign and Clinton herself for rides in his private jet and did fund the startup referenced in the Fast Company article cross-published here on Medium.

As I noted on the screenshots, the only funding that seems to have come out of his efforts was given to the Media Matters/Correct the Record group operated by David Brock. A full copy of the and his group from their January 2017 retreat has been on Scribd for quite some time.

For constant 24–7 public consumption, Russia’s influence on the 2016 US election via Facebook and Twitter has been portrayed as “swaying” the election. For private consumption meant for people who give money to the DNC and the four Brock entities: Media Matters for America, American Bridge, CREW, and Shareblue, the following achievements are touted, including a move to Medium.

Shareblue #1 on Twitter 2016
Shareblue #2 on Facebook 2016

So here’s the thing, as I previously commented to Alphabet Eric Schmidt in an unlocked post.

. Perhaps Alphabet Eric Schmidt can have some inkling that he ought not to have been so invested in the campaign of Hillary Clinton and perhaps he can see that Alphabet is an international company wholly dependent upon the health and strong functioning of the world economy. Other things that are bad for business include excessive lying, abuse, and financial skulduggery.

Blockchain is working on that. Bitcoin, as Assange already pointed out snarkily, helped Wikileaks staff become very wealthy because they had no recourse but to use the cryptocurrency when cut off from traditional banking years ago.

The algorithms that guide what consumers see via social media or the internet are still written by people who have created them with the bias of the old world. The bias that says women have nothing to contribute but their bodies. The bias that shows results of prison records when an African American person’s name is typed into a search engine. I found, to my delight, for two decades via fiction and nonfiction: that the entire human species (and animals) have value. Measurable, precious value that contributes to everyone, even sociopaths when they are allowed to thrive and give — not used as disposables and wasted.

Alphabet Eric Schmidt, you were taken for such a ride by Cheryl Mills and these Clintons, by Robby Mook, by John Podesta. I read at least 300 of Podesta emails, and I might be a poor woman right now, Alphabet Eric Schmidt — in fact, I am appallingly poor and struggling and my husband is ill.

But that doesn’t make me a snail under your expensive shoe. I wrote this godawful world we are in 20 years ago in my first novel and in stories published in the Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, a funhouse mirror version of it, anyway. This snail (or worm, as stated by a Scripps College trustee in a job interview) is a Nebula award nominee who has published 36 books.

The book featured a sexual harasser who stalked his female employee via 24–7 virtual surveillance, killed her by trying to make her “his” through a genetic virus, and then uploaded her essence into a massive parallel computer like IBM’s Watson. The Duke (virtual John Wayne) Maximum Action in films with virtual reality to save on paying real actors or for real original stories, poor people in prison labor camps making products for free. Sure, they were ugly and shunned due to Human Mutational Virus. That’s a metaphor.

Look at this woman Louise Linton married to Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin. She actually thinks she has “angel hair” and that a little African girl with HIV had the most important moment of her life while sitting on her lap. She thinks she’s special and better than others.

So do you, Alphabet Eric Schmidt.

But the reality, and the future, will be so very different. I see that Alphabet Eric Schmidt. I am writing it and will write it. Phil Dick saw it and wrote it. So many others have and do, because real humans see things and feel things. And real humans don’t think they are different, better (or worse) or “entitled” to anything. So many people think differently, and so many people have gifts you cannot even imagine: and you’re not supposed to. You’re just supposed to be you.

I think you made a mistake, Alphabet Eric Schmidt, and so do we all. I made a mistake and it cost my baby his life. I made another mistake and trusted a man who raped me, keeping me out of college for a decade.

You were taken advantage of by horrendous people and perhaps, you have forgotten or not thought through the meaning of those words you wrote — finding an “affordable Blue” city with lots of enthusiastic young potential employees willing to work for low pay. The world is full of that right now because of greed, short-sightedness, and plain old evil.

And for what purpose would those young people be working, Alphabet Eric Schmidt? Please revisit the first part of my article and this genius video by Steve Cutts.

According to Harlan Ellison and my grandmother, “You’ll go far Amy, because you have heart.” Author of 40 books, former exec., Nebula Award nominee, Poor.

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