Dear “Just,” I acknowledge that women are serious abusers. However, I do not think that really was Thomas the Trolling Reddit I am a Man Raped by a Woman, wait, I’m a genderless Initial abused as a Child person’s point.

Also, this article was about RAPE. It is a legally defined crime of a separate nature. Children may also be victimized. Both genders are victimized.

My objection was quite simple, really — and factual. The reason there is no evidence that WOMEN RAPE (i.e. sexually penetrate using force) MEN as *often as* i.e. for every woman, let’s say, raped by a man, there is another one raped by a WOMAN, and for every man raped by, let’s say — a man — there is one raped by a WOMAN is that … that particular crime doesn’t happen due to biology and inclination.

That said, are there bad things that women do to others? Yes indeed there are.

But it’s exactly, and I do mean EXACTLY, the same sort of bulls**t as some Reddit troll showing up on the “Moms to Be” website and wanting to talk about the “pregnant man” or wanting to talk about his anxiety related to his partner’s pregnancy. Or watching a woman give birth. Or seeing a video. Can he talk about it? Yes. Does it mean that the article about CHILDBIRTH pertaining to someone with a UTERUS would need to necessarily include those items?

Are you fucking going to tell that should be included in any article about childbirth?

Do you see women going to men’s articles where they discuss erectile dysfunction and commenting, “Women have difficulty achieving orgasm as often as men have ED, you really should have included it in that article, here is a study [that doesn’t say that].”

Or, let’s say — do you see females going to websites featuring articles about male survivors of prostate cancer asserting as the second comments — “Hey, women die of breast cancer as often as men do of prostate cancer.” No, they do not.

You know, factually, the most physically-injured part of the body following rape, if it isn’t a rape-and-murder, is the vagina. That really is true. It is not even closely followed by anus, though that injury does occur. Did you want to hear this fact?

I don’t “hate men” by the way. I love facts. To me, it was an obvious sign of abuse and denigration for this Reddit I was a Man Raped by a Woman (not really but maybe I wish or for sure shut up women because really — women are WORSE than men — maybe they do not use their dicks because they don’t have them but really they are WORSE).

It is about respect. There are some men, a few, who are so diseased and mentally f-ed up that yes, they see that sometimes women get a little bit of “attention” in writing about RAPE which can, 5% of the time also be accompanied by murder, usually in a horrible, violent way, and must be compelled to say “ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME pay attention to ME MEMEMEMEME.”

A woman might rape me.

According to Harlan Ellison and my grandmother, “You’ll go far Amy, because you have heart.” Author of 40 books, former exec., Nebula Award nominee, Poor.

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