Chelsea Clinton & Donna Shalala visit Port-Au-Prince Haiti July 2014 Dieu Nalio Chery/Associated Press — note handpainted picture. BECAUSE THEY ARE TOO CHEAP EVEN TO PAY FOR AN OFFICE IN PORT AU PRINCE. REALLY.

Dear Donna Shalala: Real $300 Million a Year Charities Don’t Need to Constantly Cite Charity Watch ‘A’ Ratings

Nor do they have to struggle to document what they do, relying on the work of “partners” they are too ungracious or lazy to acknowledge.

I’m going to reference the work of an international aid charity I, and millions of others, admire with all our hearts and support with what funds we may have available. In this, I expect no ‘retribution’ from Clinton partisans, for the work I will reference is truly beyond reproach. It is what is meant by the words “charity” and “international.”

The organization is Medicins Sans Frontiers or Doctors Without Borders. All of my family save me are in the medical field. Had my life been otherwise, I too would be in the medical profession. A nurse, doctor, or other medical professional, will always help others in need or distress without expectation of financial reward. They will, if needed, give their lives to save others. Medicins Sans Frontiers’ CEO earns 1/4 of what you do, Madam, and the organization will not pay anyone more than four times higher than the lowest paid employee. And accomplishes hundreds of times more — all you have accomplished is to keep the bank accounts and coffers open for your master and mistress.

I am aware of a number of things, Ms. Shalala. First is that you held a high government post during the U.S. administration of former President Clinton: Secretary of Health and Human Services.

I am outraged, and I swear, I do not understand someone who would preside over the receipt of so many millions of dollars and the accomplishment of so little for others, either in the U.S. or abroad. I do not understand how you could justify saying “millions of lives are at risk” if the Clinton Foundation shuts down.

Even if the negotiated AIDS and HIV drugs and tests are all you are talking about, you know damn well that other organizations take that burden and that your Foundation has likely retarded progress, not advanced it.

You know that “millions of children” do not have “healthier foods in school” in the U.S. because of your Foundation. You know that in reality, the Alliance for a Healthier Generation just passes on standards for nutrition established by the government agency USDA, and that donations are received by the Clinton Foundation due to keeping up appearances this low-performing organization doesn’t take money from unhealthy corporate soft drink manufacturers or junk food purveyors.

You know that your group doesn’t pay young interns or even help them to find housing. You just exploit their youth, idealism and enthusiasm.

You know that the majority of these programs your Foundation takes credit for are in fact squeezing every penny out of groups in Africa, Asia and South America — and taking credit for small sums of money that may have been provided as much as a decade ago.

You know that Haitians protest your patrons, the Clintons, everywhere they can, because billions were given, including by average Americans, and few, if any, benefits were ever provided to that island nation. Instead, their natural resources and arable land continue to be exploited, while the Haitians remain in poverty.

And it’s not their fault, lady. It is the fault of you, and people like the Clintons and their other minions.

Visit any website of any legitimate international aid organization, like Medicins Sans Frontiers and you will see the difference between people who give their lives for others, and what it is,

as I put to my beloved the other day — and he did not care for it but I will say it right now —

Your fat, selfish, self-satisfied ass.

No, I shouldn’t hate you more than them. They are evil incarnate and you are but a poor woman who hitched your wagon to their —

This is what America must atone for. This is what we should be ashamed of. This is what we must stamp out to truly hold our heads high.

They are mercenary slave owners. They are the ones who kept human beings to work for them in chains, so they might be wealthy and their children fat and lazy and satisfied. They are the northerly factory owners that made children to work for them and die in fires in their sweatshops. They are crude, unlettered, selfish people.

The poetry of your man Clinton is that of a sideshow huckster or a lying traveling preacher.

You spent your life with this, woman. And for that, I revile you.

No real organization with even $5 million in revenue and 20 employees must advertise that it has an “A” rating from “Charity Watch.” Only liars and thieves must.

Is that what America is? We — not you — will decide.

According to Harlan Ellison and my grandmother, “You’ll go far Amy, because you have heart.” Author of 40 books, former exec., Nebula Award nominee, Poor.

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