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Clinton Foundation 2017: Poorer But No Wiser

What has happened at the globe-spanning nonprofit since the 2016 Presidential election?

August 2017 featured social “sharable phrases” from Clinton Foundation

“Since 2001, the Clinton Foundation has been working around the world to improve lives and expand opportunity.”

The Numbers Make No Sense Because Nobody Checks or Cares

Case in Point: Narcan

The lower group of Clinton Foundation Executives from CF 2015 IRS Form 990 — a lack of “program” oriented titles.
The Foundation’s reports contain torrents of words: signifying [0]
Excerpt from 12–6–13 report: the Foundation doesn’t spend any money on this farm in Malawi — it is expected to support itself.
Excerpt 2: Bi-Weekly Report to Bill Clinton [12–6–13]

The moral question is: “Is the third / nonprofit / charitable sector in the US accomplishing anything of value for society when so much expenditure accounts for alternative advertisement and promotion of economic exploitation?”

Left: Donor Advised Funds/Right: Private Family Foundation
Chart: National Philanthropic Trust

Rich people, the 1%, no longer contribute to charitable causes as they did 40 or 50 years ago. They just park excess money in “donor-advised funds.”

Goldman Sachs’ “committed” to spend $7.5 million to “benefit” refugees. There is no way to learn if even this modest sum was expended, and if so — what benefit was obtained.
Pictures sometimes do
speak a thousand words

If This Were A Children’s Book

According to Harlan Ellison and my grandmother, “You’ll go far Amy, because you have heart.” Author of 45 books, former exec, Nebula Award nominee, poor.