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To Medium Staff

As well known, no one reads anything I write. No one is interested. I am not as good a writer as so many.

All women over 40 are “indistinguishable from trannies.” I learned that from new media star Mike Cernovich.

You have really gifted writers on this platform like Caitlin Johnstone. She blocked me immediately on this platform when she realized I’d audited over 30 of her articles and no longer wanted outside scrutiny even from minor, untalented, unread, non-important writers.


Do you really think every Medium member wants to read about how Trump is a Nazi or white supremacist propaganda? Continuously?

12 million people voted for Bernie Sanders and 2 million were under age 30. That’s who I write for. Not David Brock the plant-man. My daughter, her friends, my students. The future.

Update September 3: Dana is still waiting for her membership to be approved, she states the funds have been taken from her account.

I’m just going to attach a snapshot of the stats for my 2nd Medium Partnership *new version” article.

All my articles have this pattern whether only a few reads or many thousands.

See, this is what I wonder. I have 1.4 thousand “followers” on Medium, about 4.5 K on Facebook, and 3.1 K on Twitter. Compared to the MILLIONS of views Mike Cernovich claims, I don’t have any followers, right? So do these numbers mean that out of the 1.4 thousand, only 11 people responded, a .001% response rate as opposed to my 10% Twitter response rate, a platform where I am limited more often than not?

As I told my husband yesterday, the only time Medium ever featured anything I wrote, it was the article about the Bernie Sanders bumper stickers. That occurred approximately 4 days after I tagged the staff when I noticed their algorithm had been promoting an article about pedophilia (pro-pedophilia) by an anonymous author who attacked every person who pointed out that the article was promoting felony child sexual abuse as “positive.” I literally could not take it any longer. This tells me, as a writer, that an anonymous person writing something promoting child porn and sexual exploitation of children is more important than an article I might write about chemist Percy Julian or the film Hidden Figures, or female artists whose work was appropriated by men.

Yeah I fucking know that’s the world we live in. That’s why I write.

I said, and I quote, “How do you expect anyone to legitimately write on this platform when your staff or algorithms are selecting writing by people who believe that felony sexual assault of children is good?”

So this one and only time I ever had my writing chosen, about 25% of article views were from Medium-native readers. 75% of the views still were from my own readers outside the platform, or posts and references from services like Reddit. Several comments on the article, including some classic “I’ll be drinking champagne when Hillary Clinton wins!” statements are still there for reader enjoyment and entertainment.

I have noticed many times that I must seek out the writing of writers I’ve gotten to know via this platform, while my phone serves up plenty of things I don’t want to read like auto-following John McCain, or numbered self-motivational listicles or repetitive articles by writers with not too much to say. I got a lot of response when I mentioned last week via Twitter that Medium sometimes featured young writers of color who were writing about how shitty their lives were.

I don’t know what this platform is supposed to be about or for. I truly do not. I am not even sure that many people read Stephen Wolfram’s crosspost of original research into Ada Lovelace’s actual work with Charles Babbage. You can find a couple of intelligent, unusual people commenting on what I write here and there.

I don’t expect to or believe I should be the top author, or featured, or think my work is more important than others.

I do not believe that Medium readers only want to read articles repetitively mocking Donald Trump. I don’t think more articles proving that females are discriminated against in the tech industry are needed, either.

I don’t see massive claps or numbers for a lot of things I do read.

Medium’s front page should not match David Brock or Media Matter’s fundraising manifesto.

Brock uses the term “progressive” but the only progress his group or writers want to make is progress toward bigger bank accounts and their employers in political control.

They’re not job creators, they’re not educators, they’re not researchers — if they were, they’d have come up with something better on Trump than a $25,000 dubious bribe from his Foundation to a Florida official.

They’re not civil rights advocates, they’re not human rights advocates, they’re not healers or storytellers or anything but scum buckets who want their jobs back from Donald Trump and his scum crew.

These aren’t who white nationalists are and as the article that my regular readers can’t clap for documents — the truth is a lot more horrible and won’t be fixed by David Brock going to work as White House spokesperson for Hillary Clinton.

My article didn’t feature fake news. It detailed information documented by a named Yale Chair of law’s book published in February by Princeton UP. Despite his efforts, despite the efforts of so many, the average person is unaware of this deep connection between U.S. white supremacists and Nazi Germany’s Nuremberg laws, and the deep connection between America’s genocide of Native Americans and the Holocaust.

David Brock promotes the Trump “pee tape” as news to impeach the man, not progressive facts or advocacy. But as my article points out, it might even make things worse for vulnerable groups and our beleaguered country if someone like Brock’s bosses regains power because then there will be no news, no investigation, no scrutiny whatsoever.

I am poor woman and by the world’s estimation, a failure. But I’m not indistinguishable from a tranny, as if that would be a bad thing. I have nothing but love for my transgender friends and fellow human beings. If I were compared to them IRL, I’d take it as a high compliment.



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