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Can Artificial Intelligence Create Art?

Art is a human activity: let’s support machines in their work doing machine activity.

Amy Sterling Casil
6 min readJun 11, 2022


I never call myself an artist; I have a degree in Studio Art. My mother was a massively talented artist doing things like this:

Sterling Sturtevant was one of the top animation art directors in the 1950s as well as a leftist and former officer of the Screen Cartoonists Guild.

So, she made her living with images and I make my living with words.

But I could always draw: I was the second-best artist in my high school. The best, by far, is now a professional artist, continuing to grow his work.

So the story behind the header image is this: my cousin is coming to visit and is having Amazon packages sent in advance of her arrival. Bruce and I are installing Nanoleaf wood-look LED lights, and we were moving a large metal wall sculpture to clear the area where we want to mount them. I had asked my daughter to preserve my art things, which include my mother’s brushes, and I got a pencil sharpener out of the art box …

Where I found the Yupo synthetic paper I’d never really used.

I’d broken down and gotten a Sharpie gel pen the other day —

and here is an art exercise. Back in my days in Art School (“Art School Confidential”) I grew so comfortable drawing with charcoal that my beloved drawing teacher Paul Darrow upset me greatly when he took the vine charcoal out of my hand and put a gross blue Bic ballpoint pen in it. OH MY GOD.

Point being: to really know how to draw, you should be able to do it on any surface, with any implement.

So this was the first time I actually drew on this Yupo paper which is an interesting — to use my husband the materials engineer’s word — substrate.

And, this is the first time I’ve drawn hootenanny since we first moved into our house almost two years ago. I’m not sure I like or dislike the Yupo “paper”. It’s interesting. It’s also probably not environmentally friendly: it may…



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