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Are White Women Incapable of Being Each Others’ Friends?

Poison control centers can’t handle all the toxicity in U.S. culture

Amy Sterling Casil
9 min readSep 21, 2022


Every article I write here — hundreds — has at least one comment by someone who either a) hasn’t read the article, only the headline; or b) may have read, but paid little attention in their rush to say what they want to say.

The way Medium works, these commenters could choose to leave a courteous comment on another writer’s article and write one of their own expressing their own opinion.

But the way our society works, that’s not an option for these folks.

I recently wrote about how unfunny, sad, and lame I find today’s version of Saturday Night Live, a late night television sketch comedy show that’s been on the air for most of my life.

I invited readers to put examples of today’s current show to encourage me (and others) to give the show another chance. Or heck, even ‘prove me wrong’ even though this is my opinion and —

I’m not Jordan Peterson.

One chap put the last names of three performers, none of whom have been on the show for a decade or longer.


Nothing in what I wrote said I didn’t “understand” the show. I said that when I’d either been working out or traveling in recent years and Saturday Night Live was on, it was so lame and unfunny it literally drove me out of airport lounges and gyms. I wrote this brief article because I had seen that the 48th season of SNL had a new cast and I was like, not only do I have little desire to watch, I wonder if these young performers made the best career choice —

I even mentioned a couple of current standup comedians who might be good cast members for a fresh, genuinely funny SNL.

This nitwit that commented above? The whole point of what I wrote was “This show has been on too long.”

Not “Gee whiz, these young whippersnappers today get the hell off my lawn …”

Has SNL been on too long? We’ll never hear the truth even if the show finally goes off the air. Its producers and network have a lock on any/all PR of any type. One factoid? The show has less than half the



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