Babies on Fire by author (1983) also cover of Without Absolution (2000)

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AI is going to call every human’s creativity into question and make it possible for everyone to be a creator

Amy Sterling Casil
7 min readFeb 27, 2024


I am the author of the Barbie Poem and the painter of “Babies on Fire.” It’s a companion painting to this poem.

I wrote these poems and made this and other paintings when I was young.

I knew “Babies on Fire” wasn’t pretty. I wanted to express my emotions about war and someone thinking they had to have an abortion because of society and their boyfriend or husband, but who didn’t really want it.

“Babies on Fire” is 6'x6' and I built the canvas, gessoed it, and framed it myself.

I painted it myself, too.

The Loss From Fear

After college and what happened to me, I lost the ability to freely create. I no longer knew how to express my thoughts and feelings without being afraid of what others might think or say or do.

The Loss From Money

After I attended the Clarion Science Fiction Writers Workshop in 1984, I experienced a resurgence of creativity. But I was trying to duplicate horror stories. I’m not a horror writer, really.



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