Ah, Steve Stirling.

You did not read what I wrote, did you? Or if you did, you didn’t comprehend it.

I know exactly what war is, and so do my people on both sides going way back. The article featured drones, but its main point was how ignorant and hypocritical Americans protesting the election in the streets are. If they are “offended” by Trump then they ought to try living in Yemen or Waziristan for a while. The people protesting protest in favor of a candidate who without conscience or concern for anything including success or effectiveness, authorized attack after attack, just like her boss — and then lied about it.

My position is that drones are simultaneously dishonorable and ineffective. Furthermore it is the same situation as everything else in government or related in recent years. It’s obvious that employees are lying to their bosses, bosses are lying to their bosses, and the bosses are lying to the public. Even if people do not care about the women and children killed so frequently, they should care that the attacks fail to reach their targets at least half of the time, and that the attacks are much more frequent than the average member of the public knows.

These drones are used all over the world and rather than saving lives as was their initial intention, they are doing the exact opposite. They prolong conflict and accomplish little. Reading actual reports of the aftermath of the attacks shows that they can go several missions without getting a single terrorist, but can hit schools, hospitals and non-terrorist neighborhoods.

I, separately, disagree with your mass-bombing analogy or “use of air power” during WWII. I don’t think that served to “win” the war and it very likely hardened resistance.

I understand war well enough to not threaten someone else without cause or follow what both my grandfather and father taught me: don’t start a fight if you don’t mean to finish it.

According to Harlan Ellison and my grandmother, “You’ll go far Amy, because you have heart.” Author of 40 books, former exec., Nebula Award nominee, Poor.

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