A New Way to Think About a Woman’s Right to Choose

I can say anything I want, right?

So get this. I’m so sick of hearing about “a woman’s right to choose.” I am so completely utterly disgusted with people yelling at me about abortion.

Lemme tell ya something. When my daughter (now 24) was about to be born, the nurse did not believe that she was “about to come.”

“Oh, you’re only dilated to bleh bleh” (whatever it was). Then she LEFT.

I removed the nasty fetal monitor “belt” and ripped the IV out of my arm and got up buck-ass naked and ran down the hall toward the delivery rooms yelling “The baby is coming!”

15 minutes later, my daughter was, indeed, born. There were some 50 women in that labor/birth section at the industrial/military hospital-type oldschool Kaiser hospital in Fontana, CA that long-ago August afternoon.

When I was in college I was pretty scared I would get pregnant. When I went to get “birth control” at the college clinic, I was treated to a 20 minute breast exam by the male physician. I did, however, leave with that all-important BC prescription. I took those devils for more than a decade. What I tell people today is they are pretty good for acne and also I think they contribute to fuller breasts or possibly a “nicer” figure when it’s the right prescription. Others say they help with menstrual pain, PMS symptoms, and many other issues that have nothing to do with reproduction.

Anyway, I love the hell out of Bernie Sanders and I know that his blessed heart is over 70 years old.

In his Rolling Stone interview, he praises Democrats for having “convinced women that they are prepared to fight for a woman’s right to choose.”

Well that’s really fucking nice. Thanks a fucking lot. I’m sure that doctor who gave me the 20 minute breast exam was a Democrat. I’m sure he might have even been willing to consider providing “abortions” if it was going to pull him down a paycheck.

Anyway this would be somewhere around 900,000 on the list of reasons why I would or would not vote for anyone. At this point “A woman’s right to choose” in my opinion is something like Honest Gil Fulbright’s “blah blah blah something for women and minorities blah blah blah.” I really do not need Hillary Clinton yelling at me about how she stands for a woman’s right to choose and Donald Trump doesn’t so therefore vote for her so she can start a war and keep on fracking on.

I might vote for someone who suggests that medicine might find a way to make abortions a thing of the past. Like pessaries and amputations without anaesthetic and bloodletting and lobotomies.

Can you imagine?

Imagine a world where we didn’t have to “fight” for a woman’s “right” to choose to end a pregnancy. What if we had a world where women and men alike could reliably choose when they wanted to have a baby? Wouldn’t that be something?

We live in a world with Viagra, bionic limbs and stem cell therapies and organ transplantation. Where 3-D printing might make organ transplantation without rejection possible.

But you know: a woman’s right to choose in the minds even of the most-loving, caring man like Bernie Sanders — that’s the right to choose to end a life, which sucks no matter what, sorry abortion advocates — it just plain sucks and it isn’t good or nice or happy or positive, it just SUCKS. What if instead people could just choose when they wanted to start a life and the other was NOT A CONSIDERATION because no one got pregnant without wanting to be no matter what — rich, poor, anywhere, any time?

Imagine that.

In the words of William Osler, ask not what disease the person has, ask what PERSON the disease has.

I ask: what if our choice was only the one to begin a life, and the one to end it was no longer needed?

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