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A Female Boss Calls Foul on Hillary Clinton

I guess it’s not Hillary Clinton’s “fault” that her surrogates like the appalling Peter Daou are spreading narratives like “People don’t want to vote for Clinton because ‘many of the negative narratives closely mirror negative narratives about female bosses.’”

Seems like Gallup did a survey and of the 70% of Americans who did not have a female boss, 12% more said they’d rather work for a man than a woman. Therefore: people will vote for Donald J. Trump instead of Hillary Clinton. Uh …

There aren’t enough people who’ve been in my seat to be able to say that it’s obvious on the face of it that Hillary Clinton is the Boss from Hell. Trump may well be also, which makes 2016 the Battle of the Bad Bosses.

Or maybe, it makes it the Election of the Good Employee and Employee-Owned Corporation.

As a former female boss, allow me to say a few of the leadership lessons I’ve learned over the years. I’ve read the studies regarding female leadership. I’ve hired and fired. I’ve done a few things that Mrs. Clinton hasn’t, like manage staffs of more than a few people and gotten actual results from limited budgets. I’m currently poor as hell because Bernie Sanders is right and the economy is rigged. Our culture is rigged. It’s meant to keep 99% of us fat, sick, poor, uncreative, unimaginative and timid. It’s rigged to punish the brave and true and strong.

That’s lesson #1. Speak plainly.

Lesson #2 is: When something goes wrong, take responsibility for it.

Right there, I think people can see the problem a real female boss like me would have with Hillary Clinton.

Benghazi? Nothing was wrong. Besides, it was the Republicans’ fault.

Email server scandal? Republicans.

Voters not very enthusiastic for Clinton? Bernie Sanders.

Young people do not want to vote for Clinton? Their fault — for not supporting the “adult in the room.”

Younger women are not enamored of Clinton? Allow your friend to tell them loudly they are ‘going to Hell!’”

Bill cheated? Obviously that slut got what was coming to her.

Lesson #3 is: Don’t talk trash about business rivals in preference to focus on your team’s achievements.

Like, no one in America knows a thing about Donald Trump. Make sure they know so they can vote for you.

Lesson #4: Listen first, then respond to others with respect and care.

Lesson #5: Moderate voice, demeanor and tone. Never use foul language.

A lot of people think this might be a gender-biased thing, as there have been many studies done regarding women ‘yelling’ or raising their voice. Thing is: no one likes it. I do not like a man or a woman to yell at me. I do not find cursing and swearing appropriate in a professional environment. My impression is Hillary is getting louder and more shrill with every speech and interview, not less. Campaign advisers have likely shared the problem of her loud, shrill, sing-songy delivery with her for decades and her lack of response leads me to the next point:

Lesson #6: To lead is to serve.

A great leader sacrifices what she wants for the greater good. At work, it’s the good of the company or the group. This is why genuinely great leaders work long hours, and eagerly seek opportunities to allow others to speak while they listen. This is why great leaders don’t announce plans without talking to anybody else first, and then order people to follow them. They create plans together with their team.

Lesson #7: Be steadfast, even-toned and calm in promoting your own ideas.

Since I am a big failure and I am poor right now because I put everything I had into starting a publishing company (while not fully-cognizant that the systemic problems we identified in the publishing industry were insolvable due to #BernieSanders #FeeltheBern our only hope right now) you may take everything written here with a big grain of salt. I am obviously not famous, admired or successful like Hillary Clinton or Donald J. Trump.

Lesson #7: Always tell the truth.

I’ll let that one speak for itself. I understand that the FBI has told the reliable reporters at CNN that they ‘found no evidence of criminal wrongdoing’ when Mrs. Clinton set up her personal email server in her home to do her business as Secretary of State for the United States of America, the Clinton Foundation, and whatever other shell companies she uses. Good enough for me! Yessiree.

Mrs. Clinton is “the most qualified candidate ever to run for President” and “the most-admired woman in the world.” I am a failure.

I am happy with my self. Lesson #7.

According to Harlan Ellison and my grandmother, “You’ll go far Amy, because you have heart.” Author of 40 books, former exec., Nebula Award nominee, Poor.

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